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Is Passion Required to Succeed as a Writer?

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Being passionate about anything in life will influence your success. However, it can also hold you back in some ways. Personally, I believe passion has a great deal more positive influence. As long as you’re capable of keeping a level head, you can avoid some of the pitfalls that may arise. After all, some of the worst moments in history were driven by passion.

How Can Passion Be an Asset?

Being passionate about any cause gives people strength and determination to succeed. It can easily fuel your resolve and empower your projects. Here are a few ways that passion can be part of your daily routine.


Those who are passionate will often have more motivation to finish a project. For a writer, this can be helpful when trying to complete jobs in a timely manner. It may also influence how you schedule your day as well as sacrificing some of the other things in life in order to write.

Motivation is perhaps one of the most important aspects for success in almost any career across any industry. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to maintain their drive as a writer. Sure, we all have those days when we just don’t feel like sitting in front of a computer. It’s when that becomes habitual is when it digs into your success.

Obtaining Knowledge

Achieve Your DreamsWhen you’re passionate about something, there is greater drive to learn. You are more likely going to do what you can to succeed, which often means expanding your knowledge. For instance, I spend a great deal of time going over ways to improve my blog, writing style and marketing. I’m constantly going over successful practices of others and absorbing all I can.

I’m not saying that everyone with passion will want to learn the finer details about how to succeed. In fact, I know a lot of people who are just the exact opposite. However, it may play a part in influencing how receptive you are to expanding your abilities.
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Whether you’re a ghostwriter or a novelist, passion for writing can feed into your productivity. Those who don’t have it are often far less productive than those who do. It’s like this in every industry, and it’s what drives whether one is successful especially compared to the competition.

Take my dad, for example. He is a good writer and decided to follow in my footsteps to make a few extra dollars on the side. Like me, he uses Textbroker to write small pieces of content for clients. Since he is not as passionate as I when it comes to writing, he doesn’t put nearly as much effort into the work. He takes the entire 24 hours to complete a 400 word piece and admits that he just doesn’t get into writing nearly as much as I.

Fueling Ambition

Those who are more passionate about a project are often fueled by greater levels of ambition. They’ll do what ever it takes in order to succeed, no matter the cost. Everyone has a certain level of ambition when it comes to doing what they love.

Take me, for example. Apparently, I don’t have as high of an ambition behind publishing my work as an author as some of the others on Wattpad. This is apparent since I haven’t updated my horror novella in almost three weeks. I could say that half of that time was because of an illness. But what about the rest of the time? I’ve spent more time on this blog that I have on my “dream” of being an author. Which upsets me a bit.

Do You Need Passion to Be a Good Writer?

In reality, it is possible to be good at something without being passionate about it. Most of us do this on a daily basis by going to jobs we hate. However, it will undoubtedly influence how far you’re willing to go in order to achieve a greater level of success.

Natural Talent

Make Money From TextbrokerI know a lot of people who had a great deal of natural talent. These individuals could have easily surpassed my success if they would have had more focus. Instead, they decided to go on to different industries. For many of them, it was passion that played into their decisions.

A good example is my oldest step-son. He would have made an amazing linebacker in football. He has a great deal of raw power that would have made him a force to be reckoned with. Instead, his passion was drawing. He’s got a great deal of skill in visual arts, and I love that he follows his dreams.

My point is that you can still be a good writer without being driven by passion. I personally know a lot of authors who are great at creating content. However, they view it more like a job. They don’t have the same spark when it comes to putting words together to entertain or educate. And sometimes, this can easily be seen in their work.

How Passion Can Lead to Obsession

Passion isn’t always a driving motivator for success. In fact, it can easily lead into obsessions that can be harmful to your personal and professional lifestyles. If you don’t step it back, it may lead you to ruin in a variety of ways.

Forgoing Health

It’s easy for an obsession to override your common sense. You see this a lot in stories about gamers who make themselves sick or worse because they fixate on a certain game. Writers can be just as compulsive when trying to get a certain piece, “just right.”

Even I experience obsession in this form when trying to complete that perfect piece of content. I’ve been through sleep deprivation, starvation and a serious lack of hygiene thanks to trying to make a piece of content perfect.

A Fragile Mental State

getting more out of lifeAn obsession can fuel a fragile mental state. You can become more sensitive to criticism, easy to anger and quick to plummet into deep depression because of it. This is true in just about anything in life, but I see it a lot in potential writers.

The hardest part for anyone is to actually see the obsession within themselves. Most people won’t admit they are taking things too far until it’s too late. As a result, their passion is what winds up consuming them in the long run. Not because they love what they do, but because of the obsession of trying to make it all perfect.

Anyone Can Be a Writer

In reality, you don’t need to be passionate in order to be a good writer. Not everyone has that same level of commitment when it comes to producing content in any form. This doesn’t mean you’ll fail. It simply means there are other factors that drive you to succeed.

It’s possible to be a good writer or author without truly giving yourself over to it. However, it will influence your level of success over time. Find what you’re passionate about and enhance your own level of success. Not everything has to be viewed as a mundane job to pay the bills.

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