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7 Best Free Hashtag Generators to Help You Market Content

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From blog owners to freelance writers, a lot of professionals take to social media. And one of the keys to using sites like Instagram or Twitter is to make sure your content gets in front of the most people possible. Hashtag generators can help in this process.

This will connect your posts to specific conversations and groups. Not only does this get your content in front of more potential readers, but it can also help you build an audience.

Today, I’ll go over some of the best free hashtag generators you can use right now.

7 Free Hashtag Generators You Should Try

The Internet is full of hashtag tools. But, not all of them are created equal. I have no doubt that you’ll need to try a few of them to find the best one for your needs.

In this list, I’ll break down some of the benefits and drawbacks of each tool. And since these are all free generators for hashtags, you’ll lose nothing but a bit of time.

Here are 7 free hashtag generators that have piqued my interest.

1. All Hashtag

All Hashtag

If you want a simple, effective, and free hashtag generator, All Hashtag has you covered. It’s a simplistic system that provides you with the top 30 results of any given search.

Then, you can click on the results to generate even more tags to use.

From what I gather, the platform analyzes tags used in all of the most popular social media sites. So, these are terms that work in Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even Facebook.

Benefits of All Hashtag

  • Quick and easy results for your search term
  • Easy copy and paste functionality to quickly add the terms to content
  • Basic hashtag analytics tool to compare terms

Drawbacks of All Hashtag

  • Doesn’t provide relevant terms, ie. #writing does not show #amwriting, even though the two are often explicitly linked
  • Advertisement placement is a bit distracting

2. Inflact


Inflact (previously known as Ingramer) is an interesting tool that I’ve come across. I had the chance to explore and check out Inflact recently and found it to be useful. However, this tool is more centered around Instagram.

Nonetheless, I found that a lot of tags share frequency regardless of what platform they’re used on. In other words, what’s popular on Instagram is often popular on Twitter.

One feature I like about Inflact is the ability to find relevant hashtags using an uploaded picture or one you find on the Internet.

Benefits of Inflact

  • Is more than a hashtag generator
  • Comparable pricing to upgrade
  • Able to copy and paste the tags you want from the list

Drawbacks of Inflact

  • Free version only shows a few frequent, average, and rare hashtags
  • Only has tag details and trends for Instagram

3. TrackMyHashtag


When it comes to Twitter, TrackMyHashtag is probably among the better choices. It not only provides popular, relevant terms, but it also breaks down a lot of data with their usage.

The overview gives you a report regarding timeline, top user accounts, top tweets, the kind of app used for Twitter, and languages. Then, you can click the reports on the left to go even deeper into the data.

The free version of this Twitter hashtag generator only lets you search up to 100 tweets from your search for the current day. So, what’s popular today may not be all that good of a hashtag tomorrow.

Benefits of TrackMyHashtag

  • Download tweets and users in CSV or XLSX file types
  • Lots of user and tweet data from influencers
  • Breakdown of average tweets, retweets, and replies per post

Drawbacks of TrackMyHashtag

  • Free version doesn’t go beyond today
  • No apparent way to download just the hashtags without user and tweet data

4. Sistrix


Another Instagram-only hashtag generator, Sistrix works well enough. Simply enter up to three hashtags you’re curious about using and the system gives you a list of the most popular variants.

Sistrix will also deliver the best 30 tags to use relevant to your idea that you can copy and paste anywhere. In a free search, you’re only able to copy up to 30 a time.

When you first enter your tags, give the system some time. I thought the site was broken, but it seems to take a long time to pull up a list of tags based on your search.

Benefits of Sistrix

  • Up to 25 queries per day on the free version
  • Copy and paste up to 30 best tags
  • Has a lot more free tools for other online things you might use

Drawbacks of Sistrix

  • Doesn’t show frequency numbers (but does show popularity bar)
  • Takes quite a long time to load without letting you know it’s working

5. Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub centers mostly around Instagram. Using its algorithm, it’ll generate tags from photos. You also get an option to find hashtags from TikTok videos.

However, I’m not entirely convinced that image generation is all it’s cracked up to be. For one thing, when I use my own photo, one of the keywords is “shoes.” I absolutely have no shoes in the picture.

In fact, about half of the keywords Influencer Marketing Hub shows have no bearing on the picture I used. But, when I click a keyword, the tool displays a few of the most popular hashtags.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing Hub

  • Able to copy and paste selected hashtags into Instagram
  • Able to manually search and generate hashtags from keyphrase

Drawbacks of Influencer Marketing Hub

  • Nonsensical connections between keywords and photos
  • Manual hashtags don’t display use frequency
  • Top navbar is off-center and displays options under the page title (visual and site usage issue)

6. Kicksta


Kicksta delivers a handful of hashtags to use for Instagram. It will provide the most popular and then display terms that are “related.” The system also shows a sample of all Instagram posts using your search term.

Although the system will show the number of posts from the individual search term, it does not show the frequency in the other hashtags it provides. So, you really don’t know what is more popular unless you search each one individually.

The thing I dislike most about Kicksta is that you’re required to hand over your email address before you can see the list of tags. I’m not a big fan of this kind of practice.

Benefits of Kicksta

  • Able to select each tag and copy them to your “group” or your computer’s clipboard to paste into a file
  • Can preview each term individually to see image results from Instagram

Drawbacks of Kicksta

  • Required to register your email address to use the hashtag generator

7. Bigbangram


Bigbangram lets you search for Instagram hashtags using text, image upload, or image URL searching. Then, it delivers the results according to the difficulty level of having your posts seen online.

It’ll also provide a list of organic hashtags that are relevant to your search.

Bigbangram is probably one of the better free generators concerning hashtags for Instagram as it gives you quite a few terms including their frequency. It’s simple and does exactly what it says.

Benefits of Bigbangram

  • Can select up to 30 hashtags to copy and paste
  • Simple to use and quite minimalist

Drawbacks of Bigbangram

  • For what it is, I really don’t see a downside…perhaps a lack of data and visual aesthetic?

Other Mentions

So, I was going to add Hashtagify to this list. Unfortunately, I have two extreme issues nowadays. For one, the site was down for two days. And two, apparently you only get one free search per week.

Too bad. I rather liked Hashtagify before it became so buggy and restrictive.

I also came across a lot of platforms that only offer free trials. I didn’t include those because this list was focused more on what you can use right now without worrying about the trial ending.

The above list are all apps that you can use without sign-ups or logins…well, except Kicksta, which forces you to register your email address before seeing results.

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting

What’s Popular on One Is Usually Popular on Another

The hardest part about generating a list like the one above is how most of the platforms seem to focus on one social site or another. Most seem to center around Twitter or Instagram.

I’m currently looking for one that offers a free hashtag generator for more than just one social site. If you know of any, feel free to comment below.

At any rate, in most instances of searching terms, I’ve found that the majority of hashtags have roughly the same popularity across the board.

This means something that is popular on Instagram is more than likely as popular on Twitter. And the list of similar or relevant terms was nearly identical between both social sites.

Now, I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is the case with all terms. But, it’s safe to assume that hashtags you find for one platform may be as effective on another.

So, theoretically, you should be able to use Instagram hashtag generators to find usable terms for Twitter posts.

It Takes More than Hashtags to Succeed

Hashtags are used to connect relevant content together. By searching, tapping, or clicking those terms, interested parties can search through images or posts.

However, don’t assume instant success because you slapped the most popular tags in your content.

If you’re not creating anything people want to consume, you won’t have much engagement. This is true no matter what social medium or content you create.

Things like knowing your audience, staying relevant to your niche, and regularly pushing out images and posts are vital to the success of any social profile.

Boost Your Strategies with Hashtag Generators

There’s no doubt that a good hashtag generator can help get your material in front of more people. The hardest part is finding the best one to fit your needs. And with so many to choose from, it’s probably a good idea to give them all a try.

In any case, make sure you’re using terms relevant to yourself, your brand, and your content. It’ll have a far greater impact on the audience.


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