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An Evening with Cendrine Marrouat on After Hours

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On March 4th, Cendrine Marrouat joined me on After Hours with WriterSanctuary on YouTube! It was a great evening as we talked about poetry, art, photography, and her many projects.

Cendrine has a lot of art available. One of my personal favorites is Solar Wind. But I enjoy digital art – as long as it’s not AI-generated.

I love to see the human mind at work, and Cendrine has a lot to be proud of creating.

So, if you’re interested in exploring how all of these align to be successful, make sure you join us live on WriterSanctuary’s YouTube channel.

A Little Bit About Cendrine

Songs in Our Paths

Born in Toulouse, France, Cendrine Marrouat has seen both sides of the Atlantic Ocean by living in Canada before moving back to Toulouse. Holding a BA in English-to-French Translation, Cenrdine initially wanted to become an English teacher.

After failing at the national teaching exams, and growing tired of the 12+ hours of studying, Cendrine decided to explore and see more of the world. Starting in Winnipeg, Canada, she has been an explorer ever since.

Cendrine also has been involved in a long list of books both as a writer and as a co-editor.

And if you like podcasts, you can also check out the Haiku Shack Podcast, available on most popular platforms. To be honest, I quite enjoyed her reading of “What Makes the Summer?” by Marietta Holley.

Where Can You Find Her Books?

Currently, you can find 25 of Cendrine’s books available on Amazon as well as many other online locations.

You can also find Cendrine Marrouat on quite a few social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vocal, among others.

Watch Us Live at Meet the Author

It was a lot of fun hanging out with Cendrine. Her ideas and points of view are very uplifting and make a lot of sense, especially when considering the definition of “social media.”

I’m looking forward to having her on the show again, hopefully soon.

Cendrine is an incredibly creative and talented individual. She is a testament to how your path isn’t always clear, and what you perceive as a failure can turn into something wondrous later on.

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