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Should You Follow Top Blog Niches to Make Money?

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A lot of people love the idea of blogging for a living. But, getting started can seem like a difficult task. I mean, what does one blog about in order to make money? That really depends on the creator.

After all, many of you want the blog to bring in a full-time income. Just keep in mind any blog that makes a significant amount of money also requires a significant amount of work.

Today, let’s look at finding your blog niche and see if it can become profitable.

What is a Blog Niche?

A blogging niche is the website’s primary focus. For instance, if your blog centered around taking care of pets, then “pets” would be the blog’s niche.

Another example is this blog. WriterSanctuary focuses on freelance writing and blogging. So in a way, I have two niches as they can be considered separate. But for this site, I generally focus on anything that has to do with writing content in any form.

So, I guess you can say that my primary niche is, “content writing.” And I can tell you honestly that it’s far from being a top blogging niche.

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What is the Most Profitable Blog Niche to Join?

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to join other “experts” out there who give you a list of blogs you should try to create to make money. The truth is, those lists really don’t matter.

Now I bet some of you have already left this post in hopes to find a blog niche you can make money from. But if you’re still here, I will provide a list in a moment.

However, you need to take the list with a grain of salt. Sure, some of those types of websites have made a lot of money. But it really boils down to you as a creator and the audience you’re trying to gain.

Every Expert Has an Opinion

I’ve seen a variety of websites showing top blog niches for what-ever year. And there is a bit of a discrepancy among many of them. While some do point out common themes that attract an audience, there’s always a few that set the article apart.

In many cases, this is a marketing ploy to make someone’s article look different than the competition. Every blogger does it, as you will as well.

That’s because there is simply too much information and competition on the Internet, and you may want to create a piece on the same topic. The key to creating a successful piece of content, though, is adding your own take and personality to the article.

That’s why people will read your blog.

7 Common Niches Experts Point Out

OK, so I will include some of the more popular niches for blogs. But creating a website that makes money takes far more than merely deciding which is better. You might not have an interest in any of the top niches at all.

  • Money and Personal Finance
    Personal finance sites can make quite a bit. And you don’t need to be a CPA to provide quality advice or tips. However, make sure your financial strategies are valid.
  • Health and Fitness
    Health and fitness blogs have great potential, but they’re also subject to far more scrutiny. Especially from search engines like Google, which launched an algorithm change in 2019 that sunk a lot of these blogs.
  • Life Coaching
    Being a life coach takes a special kind of person. You’re trying to help others manage their daily lives, stress, depression and anxiety. Not everyone can do that in a caring manner.
  • Fashion and Beauty
    I’ve seen a lot of people make a great deal of money from fashion and beauty. But it’s also something I’ve seen have a lot more passion behind the niche. If you have just a passing fancy, it’ll be far more difficult to make money.
  • Online Marketing
    Helping others market their brands, blogs, videos or businesses is quite lucrative. In most instances I’ve seen, however, this works best with business-2-business platforms.
  • Mainstream Media Blogging
    Music, movies, news and anything else considered “mainstream” has potential for income. But keep in mind the competition is incredibly high for these industries. You’ll have to go above and beyond to make the blog work.
  • Travel
    Blogging about travel is a great idea, especially if you travel. In fact, I know a lot of travelers who blog abroad as the website brings in that much money. However, most successful travel bloggers I’ve seen are on location. Do you travel a lot?

But what if none of these “top” niches interest you? If you can’t sustain a constant flow of content, it’s going to be very difficult to get into the best niches to make money.

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Finding that Perfect Blog Niche

Ask Yourself Questions

Before you commit to a supposed “top blogging niche,” you need to ask yourself a few realistic questions. Otherwise, you might wind up wasting a lot of time and money trying to make something work that just isn’t going to go anywhere.

In reality, these are the most important that will determine whether your blog is successful or not.

1. Can You Sustain Constant Quality Content?

If you want a good performing blog niche to rake in the dough, you’ll need to sustain quite a bit of high-quality content. Now, how often you write these posts is determined by a lot of different factors.

However, one thing is unanimously agreed upon: it takes a lot of content to succeed.

Are you able to create this content one, two or three years from now? Because it can take that long before you start really pulling in the money from your website.

Consider this; it can take up to six months before a single blog post you write starts performing well in Google.

Luckily, there are ways you can improve this…such as creating a viral piece of content that brings in millions of visitors. But this much tougher to do than you might think.

2. Will the Niche Keep Your Interest?

This goes along with the question above, and with good reason. If you pick a “top” blog niche that doesn’t interest you, the chances of creating constant content are much lower. And if you have no drive behind the process, you won’t go far.

I’m not saying you should focus on your passions. In fact, WriterSanctuary was created as I had a mere interest in learning how to write back in 2012.

But you need to find something that will hold your attention for the long-term. Blogging to become rich overnight is exceptionally rare in today’s world. You’ll need commitment for the long haul to create a successful blog.

3. How are You Monetizing the Blog?

The ways you monetize the site will make a vast impact on how much you make. If you think you’re going to get rich from Adsense, the odds are it isn’t going to happen.

Want to make $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing? Better find an awesome affiliate and create some amazing content to drive those sales.

Looking to sell your own products, eBooks or a drop-shipping merch store? Be prepared for a lot of external marketing to drive your audience to make those purchases.

My point is that it takes a lot of work to make money from any blog niche. And how you choose to make that money is going to affect your success.

4. Is Your Focus too Narrow?

I know a lot of “experts” say to narrow your blog niche focus to attract a specific audience. And to some degree, I agree. However, there is such a thing as being too laser-focused on your topics.

For instance, I started the YouTube channel focusing on Textbroker-only content. And although I’ve helped a lot of people and drew in quite a few subscribers, it was way too focused for what I actually do…which is freelance writing and WordPress blogging.

In fact, I drive a lot of visitors to this website because of Textbroker content.

The problem with that is Textbroker isn’t as popular of a search term, so I don’t have the largest audience. And while the audience is more receptive to the videos about Textbroker, it’s not what I wanted to focus on.

And needless to say, I haven’t made much money because of this. But that’s OK, because I make that content to help others. So, it really doesn’t bother me.

I just wanted to point out an example of what could happen if you focus too intently on a specific blog niche.

5. How Much Time Can You Put Into the Blog?

This is probably the most important question of all if you want a blog to make money. If you can’t put a lot of quality time into your website, you’re not going to drive a lot of traffic. And without visitors, you don’t have income.

I’ve seen both sides of this spectrum, actually. My client’s website makes a lot of money every month as we put in quite a bit of time building it every day. WriterSanctuary, not so much.

That’s because I don’t put in nearly as much time on my sites as I do with my client’s blogs.

One of my favorite sayings is, “If you put in a half-assed effort, expect a half-assed result.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to put in a full, eight-hour day. But, your blog is going to need a lot more time than just one or two posts per week.

And creating content is only part of the drive for success. You need time for marketing, maintenance, improvements, content revamps and more.

6. Do You Have a Plan for Marketing?

Speaking of marketing, any blog niche is going to need effort into getting the site in front of as many potential readers as possible. You can’t rely on search engine optimization alone.

Don’t get me wrong, search engines will bring in the majority of your traffic. But putting effort into social engagement adds more to creating a brand for yourself.

For one thing, most people like the idea of interacting with brands. And when you build a blog, that’s essentially what you’re doing, building a brand.

Emails, social posts, YouTube videos, joining community forums and even guest blogging all need to be part of your strategy if you really want to bring in the money. Because content alone is only going to take you so far.

In the end, it won’t matter if you choose certain niches to make money, no one will visit the site if they don’t know it exists.

Why Focus Your Blog’s Niche?

Who Is Your Audience

One of the biggest reasons why you want to narrow down your topics is because of the target audience. You want people who are more likely to read your content and come back to the site for more.

If you’re too generalized, some people will lose interest and no longer follow your blog.

For example, let’s say that I decided to write about the online video game “League of Legends” on this website. As most of my readers are focused more on learning how to create content, the post about the game would confuse many of them.

Having a focus also greatly influences the amount of money you’ll make on a blog, especially from things like affiliate marketing.

If people are coming in to read a specific article, they are already interested. Then if you add an affiliate or an ad banner that relates to the content, there is a much greater chance someone is going to click or buy something.

Think about it; if I had an add for fishing equipment in the middle of this article, would that pique your interest? Most likely not. There may be a couple of you who might because you like to fish. But for the most part, it would seem very out of place.

In reality, the best blogging niche for you is one that you are capable of maintaining. Because billions of people use the Internet on a regular basis, there is a virtual market for just about anything.

A Good Blog Niche Relies on Effort and Audience

In the end, a good blog niche relies on how much you put into your website and who you’re trying to engage. Not every industry is going to perform the same across the board. Some will bring in more than others.

Find a niche that engages you as much as you think it will the audience. Because there is such a thing as getting bored with the topic, and you want to avoid anything that will detract from creating content.

Without your blog’s content, there is no income.

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