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How Much Money Do I Make Blogging with Adsense?

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A lot of people take to blogging in the hopes of making a few extra dollars from Adsense each month. You might see ads about how so-and-so makes thousands of dollars through ad revenue and how you could as well if you buy his or her “money making secrets” for blogging. In reality, making a significant amount of money blogging with Adsense is a bit more difficult. It could take a fairly long time to generate any real revenue.

5 Things to Consider When Blogging with Adsense

Adsense is a great system to put into place on any blog. Once you paste the code for the advertisement from Google, you can start collecting money. However, there are several key factors that come into play regarding how much you can make. Don’t assume for one minute that you’ll be able to quit your day job.

High-Volume Traffic Required

Unless your site receives tens-of-thousands of visits per day, Adsense will not be able to replace a full-time income. Over the past 11 months, I receive approximately $0.0024 per visitor on my health and fitness site. This is based on clicks and impressions of ads served from Google. In order for my blog, “Crossing Colorado” to make $2,000 per month, it would need roughly 45,260 visitors per day.

This is also dependent on the amount you get per ad, the quality of the traffic you accumulate and even the content you create. If you’re blog only gets a handful of visitors every day, it’s unlikely that you’ll be looking for a new house anytime in the near future.

The overall success of your website will lead to the success of an Adsense account.
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Blog Niche

niche blogThe primary topic of your site will play a factor in how much you are paid while blogging with Adsense. For example, I tend to make more per visitor on the health and fitness blog than I do on the video gaming blog. In fact, the difference is almost double.

When advertisers pay Google to show ads, some bids and keywords are more valuable than others. A popular industry could pay bloggers such as yourself much higher rates because of the interest and trends of those searching for specific information. In other words, writing for specific industries can make you more money than others.

Ad Placement

The placement of your ads will be taken into account in terms of generating revenue. For instance, an ad displayed on the bottom of your site is less likely to be clicked that one that is along the top. Placement is especially important in the mobile dynamic.

While the right sidebar may be a good place to stick Adsense on a desktop computer screen, the ad may rarely be seen by those on smartphones. This is because the right sidebar is often moved to the bottom on smaller resolution screens.

There is a bit of strategy when it comes to blogging with Adsense if you want to maximize your money-making efforts.

Putting in Effort

Skills for FreelanceAlthough Blogging with Adsense really doesn’t take a great deal of effort, maintaining your site will. If you want to make any serious amount of money, you’ll need to keep the website as productive as possible. This means more quality content, marketing and online branding.

Consider that there are literally millions of blogs on the Internet at this very moment. Essentially, you’re site is going to be in competition with a large portion of them. You’re competing to gain that traffic. Every person who isn’t reading your blog is reading somewhere else.

The more effort you put into making your blog popular, the more money you’ll possibly make. Virtually everything centered around the blog will be determined by how well you market the site and gain traffic.

What is Your Time Worth?

Time ManagementMany people have time on their hands where they can spend a great deal creating content for their blogs. Unfortunately, people like myself need to focus on the daily job in order to keep the bills paid. I’m not saying that blogging is pointless when it comes to making money. I’m pointing out that it takes a lot of determination and scheduling if you want to quit your day job.

You may need to gauge exactly how much your time is worth. For instance, I could make $20.00 as a ghostwriter for clients in the time that it will take me to finish this blog post. Since this small blog of mine really doesn’t accumulate a great deal of traffic, I don’t have hopes of recovering that loss.

On the other hand, there is potential to make a great deal of money blogging with Adsense by spending time developing a popular site. And that’s the biggest point you need to consider: time. Do you have the time it takes to put effort into building an amazing site that generates thousands of views per hour?

Typically, I maintain these blogs simply because I love to write and share my experiences. But that’s beside the point.

An Easy Way to Make Money

Don’t get me wrong. Adsense can be a great way to make a few extra bucks from your website. You don’t have to do anything except manage your site after placing the code from Google. But keep in mind that you won’t become rich overnight, especially if you just started blogging with Adsense.

Over the past year, I’ve put together a bit of data concerning how Adsense correlates to my blogs. Here is some of what I’ve discovered:

  • Content is King
    Writing one or two posts per week hinders the growth of the site. All three blogs I operate need to have a consistent flow of content created of more than three posts per week.
  • Quality Content Required
    The posts that have made the most money are those that are more informative to the audience. This seems to attract a higher quality of visitor who is more apt at clicking an ad than the average passer-by.
  • Social Marketing Helps
    Using social media by sharing my posts has helped boost traffic. Since some ads pay you for simply showing it, this has helped improve monthly income from Adsense. Not to mention that it has improved popularity of the blogs in general.
  • Length of the Article Had No Impact
    Unlike some experts on the Internet, I don’t see evidence that longer articles are more productive than shorter ones. In fact, four out of the five top posts on Crossing Colorado have fewer words than most of the others. It’s all about quality, not necessarily quantity.

Making Money with AdsenseThis isn’t saying that everyone will have the same experience when blogging with Adsense. I am merely sharing my experiences with the system. You may do far better with ads than I do. Then again, you’re site may perform poorly as well. You really won’t know until you’ve been maintaining your blog for more than a year.

For new bloggers, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a fortune blogging with Adsense. There is a great deal of work that some experts don’t really share when selling their “secrets” to consumers. Don’t assume that you’ll make tons of money from your blog starting at day one. It may take a year before the site makes enough to pay for its own domain name.

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