Thinking of Self-Publishing?

If you don’t have the monetary investment to make a go out of being published, there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself. Thanks to a myriad of online companies, you can dive into self-publishing without a great deal of money.

In fact, some of them don’t require a single dime from you upfront.

The plan for this page is to highlight self-publishing content and perhaps videos regarding the process. Right now, I am in the middle of working on a small book to hopefully publish within the next month or two.

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My Current Work into Self-Publishing

At the moment, I am working on my first autobiography. Its purpose is to log and test the entire process of self-publishing on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Some of my viewers on YouTube are quite interested in the process and are looking forward to my break down of using KDP.

As I start the process, this page will have a running log of everything I’ve learned and how the method works. This includes everything from uploading the eBook to ways I plan on marketing it on the Internet.

Why Consider Self-Publishing?

Everyone has their opinions of self-publishing. However, I’ve put together a few of the more important ones that make the process quite appealing.

Would I love for a major house to pay me tons of money to write every day? Absolutely. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting the ball rolling by getting your work out there for others to enjoy.

And, it’s all something you can do in your off time while still holding down a full-time job.

You Can Get Started Immediately

First of all, you can get started with self-publishing right now. Using systems like KDP can have your eBook up and ready for readers within 48 hours.

Though, I do suggest taking your time and making sure you cover all the bases. Your success will rely on presentation, a well-written manuscript, your own campaigns for marketing, and much more.

Don’t think you can just slap up the eBook on KDP right now and the riches will come flowing.

No Upfront Costs, as You Would Find from Many Publishers

One of the most prominent aspects for me is not having to worry about hefty monetary investments. In some self-publishing platforms, you pay a fee to the system when someone buys your book.

Unfortunately, this also means you receive fewer royalties. But, it’s better than having to come up with thousands of dollars for your first printing.

In fact, I know authors who’ve spent nearly ten grand and never recuperated those expenses. On the other hand, the publishing house kind of screwed them overall.

One even went out of business after robbing a lot of authors of royalties. That’s a very long story, but it does happen in reality far more often than you might think.

Some Platforms Make it Extremely Easy

Some systems are built to make it easy for you to get started self-publishing today. Because the more money you make in as short of time as possible, the more money they make.

But keep in mind that setting up your book is the easy part. You still need to market it to an audience. And this will often take a great deal of time and a bit of a monetary investment.

Like I always say, “An audience won’t read your content if they don’t know it even exists.”

Helps Build Momentum for Fans and Followers

And lastly, self-publishing in this manner can help you generate a fan base. Thanks to the advent of social media, you can accumulate tens of thousands of people who are eager to buy your next book regardless of what platform it’s on.

This is part of why I started writing on Wattpad back in 2016. Although, I haven’t really put as much love into my personal projects as I wanted to back then.

Still, if you can keep active enough, you can build an audience quite easily.

Self-Publishing Platforms

As I explore different venues for self-publishing, I’ll list the ones I use (or plan to use) on this page. If you have any systems you’d like me to test out or review, you can use the contact form to send me a message.

Create Space/KDP

Create Space is the Amazon equivalent of self-publishing, though it upgraded to Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s an easy to use system that is set up to sell your material through digital books, paper, or even audio readings.

One thing I’m excited to try out is printing the eBook on paperback.


I use Wattpad mostly to test the waters regarding my style. I take constructive criticism to heart and consider what people do or don’t like about my writing.

Plus, Wattpad is great for getting the ball rolling for setting up a fan base or if you just want to write fan fiction without getting nailed with lawsuits.

Get Your Work Out there

I’ve seen some people claim that authors who are into self-publishing are not “real authors.” This is because they don’t have a publishing house tied to the book.

This is completely asinine.

If you string tens of thousands of words together that people love to read, it doesn’t matter what platform you use to publish. You, my friend, are an author.

Not everyone has the upfront expenses of editors, agents, and publishing fees. Using something like KDP gets you going in the right direction.

Get your work out there for others to enjoy.

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