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Yes, freelance writing is a real career path. In fact, I know several people who make well into six figures every year by creating content for others. Is it something you can start doing today?

I’ve been a freelance writer since January 2012. And speaking from experience, I’ve made a lot of money without really knowing what I was doing in terms of AP Style English. Through motivation, determination, and perseverance, I’ve made a career out of writing.

Here at WriterSanctuary, I share all of my freelance writing experiences in the hopes to help others follow their own paths.

Below are the most recent posts about freelancing. But if you’re looking for something specific, feel free to use the search icon on the top of the page.

  • How to Easily Add Momentum to Your Writing Goals for Success
    I often talk about setting up goals to build momentum and how it affected my success over the years. In fact, it’s a process that I still use to this day to keep me moving forward in my career.
  • How Much Could I Earn on Textbroker in an Hour?
    Textbroker is by far my favorite content mill. It’s the platform I used when I started my career as a writer, and I was able to replace a full-time income mostly because of the system. So, how much money was I earning on Textbroker within an hour?
  • Review: Is Textbroker.com Legit to Make Money from Home?
    When I began my career as a freelance writer, the first system I came across was Textbroker.com. And if it wasn’t for my experiences using Textbroker, I wouldn’t be where I am today. However, just like all content mills, it does take a certain type of personality to succeed.
  • 12 Things to Avoid When Sending Cover Letters and Resumes
    As a hiring manager, I’ve examined a lot of resumes and cover letters. And to be honest, I’m a bit appalled by some of the ones I’ve received. Especially when people are applying to write content for my client. Today, let’s look at the top things to avoid when sending resumes.
  • How to Set Up an Invoice for Clients in PayPal
    PayPal is among the most trusted online payment systems on the Internet. And it’s among the most used for freelancers to get paid. Today, I’ll show you how to easily create an invoice in PayPal from a business account.