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When it comes to social media engagement, I’m not sure if I’ve had a better experience than while using YouTube. I’m not a fan of TikTok and am a bit “old school” when it comes to video content. So, what can a YouTube channel do for you as a writer?

Expanding Your Community

While you can reach quite a few people while blogging, YouTube offers a way to reach those who may not know your website exists but want the same information.

In most cases, it takes me roughly the same amount of time to produce a video as it does for its blog variant. The results have been attracting roughly the same number of people.

In other words, I nearly doubled my audience with the same amount of effort. Plus, I often use blog posts as part of developing the scripts and topics, which makes creating videos much easier.

Although there is a bit of overlap between people who watch the videos and read the blog posts, both platforms essentially have their own audience members. And out of the different social media platforms I use, YouTube brings in more visitors to the blog than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn combined.

As a writer, you can promote your books, share insights, teach others how to do what you do, and much more. It’s all about building a community of people who are likely to help you move a writing career forward.

Driving Up Hype Regarding Your Projects

Videos are often seen as more interactive. It’s different when you can put a face and mannerisms behind the content. Blogs are often too impersonal for many consumers.

Using video, you can drum up some hype regarding various writing projects. This can be everything from self-publishing a book on Amazon to creating a new blog for certain audience members. Not to mention paid support memberships and behind-the-scenes content.

Case in point, my first book immediately sold a handful of copies aside from family members. The vast majority of those copies were sold to YouTube subscribers who were eagerly anticipating its release.

This doesn’t just help writers. Artists, musicians, comedians…I’ve even seen mechanics create tutorial channels while promoting their local businesses.

Networking with Other Writers

One of my favorite aspects of using YouTube is the capacity to network with writing subscribers. Not only have I helped a number of people start their own writing careers, but I’ve gained a lot of ideas from those who watch the channel.

It’s quite symbiotic, in a way.

Since creating the channel in 2018, I’ve met a lot of amazing people, both YouTube creators and viewers. Some have been watching since the beginning, and every one of them means the world to me.

A few have gone so far as to introduce me to new paying clients, as I am also a freelance writer.

The bottom line is that you don’t know who you’ll meet as a YouTuber. It can be ultimately rewarding as a writer, whether you’re monetized by YouTube or not.

Blog Posts Concerning the YouTube Channel

Below are the most recent posts published at WriterSanctuary regarding YouTube and my experiences using the platform as a writer.

You don’t necessarily need to use YouTube to promote yourself. But it is a very easy system to utilize while doubling (or more) your target audience.

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YouTube Is a Great Marketing Tool

At the end of the day, YouTube is a great marketing tool regardless of your profession. Lawyers, doctors, mechanics…writers…so many experts take to video content to promote themselves and interact.

You may not hit a million subscribers in a year as a writer. But the people who frequent your videos and live streams are often the most dedicated and will help you reach multiple levels of success.

Never underestimate the value of diversifying your content, expertise, and professionalism.