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There are many ways you can make money by writing blog posts.  You see them advertise all over the Internet with guarantees to make you money.  However, just how lucrative can these sites be?  Can you really make money by posting a blog?  In an age where second and third jobs are required in order to survive, can writing a blog post be enough to make it worth your time?

Owning Your Own Blog

One way that I’ve found to make a few dollars in 2012 was to own my own blog website.  As I am signed up with several affiliate sites such as and, I embed affiliate banners in my posts that are relevant to the content I am writing.  I am also signed up with Google Adsense for making advertisement revenue.  I can’t say that I have become rich from posting blog content, but it has paid for the domain name and helped afford my web-hosting.

What Exactly is a Blog?
A blog could be viewed as an online journal of sorts.  You can base this on things that happen within your home on a daily basis, a subject you are passionate about, or anything else that would cause you to post content regularly.  A wealth of knowledge can be shared by bloggers and money can be made if it’s marketed well.  Most of the time, blog posts are written in first person.  This gives the post more of a personal feel and could be more authoritative to the reader if the blog poster knows what they’re talking about.

Keep it in the Niche
As with any website, keeping your blog to a particular niche helps in search engine rankings and attracting the right kind of visitors to your site.  If your passion is about Corvettes, then your blog site should be about Corvettes and nothing else.  Your visitors want to be informed about the subject they are looking for and having to sift through your comments about cooking recipes doesn’t hold their attention on a Corvette website.

Honesty is the Best Policy
Basing your blog’s content on actual information can go a long way into creating a return visitor.  If you have affiliates and Google Adsense running on your blog site to make money, the more visitors you have in a day the more successful you will become.  Unless you are purposely trying to obfuscate the facts, your blog will do poorly.

Don’t Underestimate Adsense
Most of the money I have made on my websites in 2012 was from Adsense, and it’s slowly on the rise.  I have made as little as $0.02 on a click for an advertisement up to $3.22.  The trick to making more money on Adsense is creating valuable content that others want to read.  The more content you have, the more visitors you receive.  I operate and manage more than 20 websites and it all comes down to informative content in order to make money without a product.

Keywords in Blogging
Many blog writers don’t give much thought into creating a certain keyword or phrase to catch a search engine’s attention.  If your blog is longer than 500 words, it will create a natural amount of keywords to help in search engine rankings.  You don’t need to flood your blog posts with certain keywords in order to make money on Adsense or affiliate marketing.

The biggest thing to remember about owning and operating a blog of your own is content.  Post as much as you can as often as possible.  Google crawls websites more frequently if they add content regularly.  The more often your site is crawled for indexing, the better are your chances of increasing traffic to your blog.  The more traffic you have on your blog, the greater are your chances of making money on Adsense or affiliate advertising.

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