WordPress Quick Fixes You Should Try First

These are quick fixes I’ve come across while using WordPress. Instead of writing out an entire article for each one, sometimes just a simple answer is all that’s needed.

Using WP Last Modified Info shows the last time an article was updated as well as other markup information to help with SEO.

If the WP Last Modified Info date is not showing, go to the plugin's settings.

  1. Turn off the "Enable for Posts/Pages on Frontend" and save.
  2. Empty any cache you're currently using.
  3. Turn on "Enable for Posts/Pages on Frontend" and save.

This is how I fixed my problem, and I hope it helps you.

Showing the publish date isn't always the best course of action. Sometimes, readers will assume the information is outdated if it's been several years since the piece was published.

Add this to the Additional CSS of your theme: time.entry-date.published { display: none;}

If this doesn't work, you'll need to find the CSS tag for the date of your specific theme. This is what works for me as I use ColorMag and ColorNews themes from Themegrill.

Revive Old Posts is a scheduling plugin that lets you re-submit older pieces of content to your social media profiles. It's a great way to engage a new audience with old content.

What happens when you click to add a social account in Revive Old Posts and the buttons grey out and the page just sits there?

This sometimes happens with certain plugins. In my case, it was a conflict between Revive Old Posts and Buy Me a Coffee. Once I disabled the Buy Me a Coffee plugin, Revive Old Posts began working like normal.

Disable your plugins and re-enable them one by one until you come across the plugin that is stopping Revive Old Posts from working.

If you’re looking for something specific, try searching the website. I often write about more severe problems that need more than just a quick fix.

For WordPress-specific issues, you can find a lot of answers in the “How to WordPress” area of the site.

Another good resource for you to try is the WordPress.org Support forum. Sometimes, an answer might just point you in the right direction.

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Why Set Up a Quick Fix Page?

In reality, this page is as much for me as it is for you. I come across weird issues all the time, and having a database of things I’ve come across helps me remember how to fix them.

This is especially useful after setting up a new theme, trying out a new plugin, or moving websites to a new host. Having a page I can quickly glance at is greatly beneficial.

So, if it helps anyone else along the way, then I’m glad I can be of service. If not, then at least I have a page I can refer to when things go south.

Sometimes, a Quick Answer for WordPress is All You Need

Over the past decade, I’ve come across a wide variety of issues in all CMS platforms. And while some answers were far more convoluted and involved, mostly a quick fix is all that was needed.

Before you panic when things break, keep in mind that sometimes even the simplest answers can repair major problems. From resaving a plugin’s settings to simply emptying the cache, always start with the simplest explanation first.

Maintaining a website isn’t as difficult as some might believe. This is especially true when you’re dealing with WordPress.

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