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Winding Down the Year: What Do You Need to Work On?

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As 2017 comes to a close, it gives us a chance to look back on the year and take stock of our lives. I know I’m nowhere near where I’d thought I would be this time last year. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop looking forward. So, what are some things we can work on as 2017 begins winding down?

Identifying the Issues of 2017

It’s often difficult to take stock of your life and not wallow in self-pity in some areas. The trick is to identify your shortcomings without them sucking you into bad memories and dwelling on regrets.
[adrotate banner=”8″] In reality, nearly every aspect of your life is changeable in some fashion. Don’t like the politics of the world? Get involved. Disappointed you never finished writing your novel? Schedule your time better.

There’s very little in regards to your life that you cannot modify in some way or another. It’s all about exploring your options fully and discovering how you can make a difference.

Winding Down 2017 the Right Way

I’m not going to wait until the bell chimes for 2018 to start. I am working on what I can fix now so that I can start the year running. While Christmas is still an exceptionally busy time of the year, I don’t want to put off for tomorrow what I can easily do today.

For me, procrastination has been a way of life for a very long time. Some things are simply easier to put off than others, and it’s a terrible habit to get sucked into. I do this whether I am writing my stories for Wattpad or even Christmas shopping.

And then I get absurdly mad at myself for waiting.

What Am I Focusing On for 2018?

This article is going to center around myself quite a bit. But I hope you’re able to get some kind of wisdom from exploring how I am going to break down my success for 2018.

If this doesn’t interest you, that’s OK. This post is more for me than it is my audience. But perhaps you can relate to some of the points I am about to dive into.

Lack of Schedule Commitment

One of my biggest issues is not committing to a good enough schedule. Yes, I’ve been working on a decent enough layout to keep the bills paid. But if I want that big house in North Cherry Creek, I need to put far more effort into revamping my time.

As a freelance writer, I am paid per completed project…aside from my regular web hosting retainer. Which means if I’m not writing, I’m not making money. My current client pays enough to keep the bills from getting out of hand, but it’s not enough to get ahead.

I also have an issue with completing my own personal projects. So far, I’ve kept a steady flow for my blogs. However, I am seriously lacking when it comes to engaging my audience on Wattpad. I need to finish my own projects if I want them to pay off for me in the long run.

The stupid thing is I know what needs to be done and I know that my daily diversions are just that: diversions. I just can’t seem to focus on various things throughout the entire day. Maybe it’s related to my depression, but I need to find a way to keep my mind in the game.

Reaching My Goal Weight

If I would have focused throughout the year like I did in the beginning, I would easily be at my goal weight by now. Instead, I get this “frack it” mindset at night and pig out on terrible foods.

What I should do is try to find that part of me that was focused on maintaining my caloric intake through MyFitnessPal when I first started losing the weight. I dropped 20 pounds just by reducing how much food I ate throughout the day.

One reason why I focus on health as the years is winding down is because of how much of an impact it will make in my writing. Regular exercise and a healthier diet improves brain power and focus.

It only makes sense to boost health if you want a sharper mind. After all, your brain is an organ like most others and needs to be healthy to operate with efficiency.

Stop with Doing “Enough”

Another trap I fall into is the mentality of doing “enough” to pay the bills. Once I hit my specific dollar goal for the day, I tend to drop off the work and jump into YouTube and Netflix with both feet.

Just doing enough to get by is how you develop mediocrity. It’s OK if you want to be mediocre in life, but I personally want more. Unfortunately, this is perhaps one of the most difficult things to face as the year is winding down.

I’ve been a mediocre person in my own eyes for most of my adult life. It’s a habit that has held me back from achieving far more than what I’ve accomplished thus far. In other words, I need to focus on higher aspirations of myself and my lifestyle.

Doing “enough” is connected to maintaining a good schedule for productivity. Instead of focusing on income, perhaps it would be wiser to focus on actual time spent on projects. I’ve already toyed with this aspect over the past couple of weeks, and I create far more content when looking at time instead of income.

Stop Being Afraid of Success and Failure

When I had to close my computer business permanently, it crushed my soul. I put so much into that business that I never really got over losing it. In reality, I think this is affecting my overall view of myself as a writer.

Technically, I am running a business. I am a freelance ghostwriter and deal with clients on a daily basis. Is there part of me that doesn’t want to charge head-long into this opportunity because I am waiting for the bubble to pop?

As 2017 is winding down, I need to take stock in the elements that are preventing my success…in other words, me. I make decisions for myself and have no one else to blame.

Can you imagine where I would be today if I put in the same amount of effort now as I did with the computer center?

But I cannot dwell on “what ifs.” That’s not the way to move ahead. Realize what went wrong and take steps to fix the situation. Focusing too much attention on the past only exhausts energy for thinking forward.

Learn from the experience and move on.

Facing the New Year

So, this is where I stand as this year continues winding down. Now, the trick is to actually believe it and implement changes that will benefit my life as a whole. Which is easier said than done, I’m afraid. But I have faith in myself and I believe I can make those changes. It’s all about what I want out of life and how I am going to go about getting it.

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