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Boosting Website Traffic: Will 30 Days of Blogging Help?

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I’m a fan of conducting experiments to see what works for each website. This is because it gives me an idea about what my audience wants most. And this time around, I’m doing a challenge of blogging for 30 days.

When I’ve done this experiment on a couple of other sites, all of the numbers in Google Analytics and Search Console improved by the end of the month. I’m hoping that will be the case in this instance.

And yes, I’ll share the data with you when this is all over.

Why the Challenge for 30 Days of Blogging?

In reality, there are several viable reasons why you’d want to push for a month of writing. Not only does it give you great practice as a writer, but it has a few practical elements as well that make it worthwhile.

I’ll be keeping track of the difference in a spreadsheet, of course. And I’ll share that within the reveal post once this challenge is complete.

Audience Discovery and Development

Depending on the type of content you create during the month, you can get a pretty good idea about what readers want from your website. Diving into the data at the end can show you all kinds of possibilities.

Are people more inclined to read tutorials? Is your audience more focused on opinion pieces? Perhaps your site gains more attention with lists or reviews.

For example, opinion pieces don’t perform well at all on my gaming blog. But, the tutorials for using OBS bring in the most traffic.

And this says nothing about using Search Console to see how people are finding your posts in search after a month.

Every site is going to have a unique audience. And writing a series of varied posts will give you an idea about what your audience wants from you.

Giving the Site a Bit of a Boost

With more content comes the possibility of increased traffic. Even if you only get a handful of readers per post, it’s still more than you had yesterday. Not to mention how you could write something that appears high in search results.

Case in point, I had several articles appear on the first page of Google for Progresso Soup back in the day. At first, I wasn’t even writing with search intent or keywords in mind. I was just giving an opinion on my weight loss blog.

You never know what article is going to do exceptionally well until after you write it.

Exposure Through Internal Linking

Internal linking can do wonders to improve the search position of a blog post. In one instance, my client had an article go from somewhere on page three to the top 10 in Google just by adding a series of well-placed internal links.

Writing every day gives you a chance to add quite a few relevant internal links to your most important pieces of content.

Just make sure those internal links support the topic of which you’re writing. While good links can help search, bad ones can have an adverse effect.

Because I Like to Challenge Myself

I love exploring my potential in a myriad of things. Blogging for 30 days gives me an opportunity to see just how far I can go. It mostly comes down to boosting my level of self-confidence.

Knowing that I can meet these kinds of challenges goes a long way to helping me with things like impostor syndrome.

As a result, I feel better about myself with a renewed sense of pride in my work. It’s a greatly beneficial experiment, even if it doesn’t result in a single page view. This is because I value a positive mindset and productivity over anything.

Going Towards One Million Words in 2021

My ultimate goal for 2021 is to write one million words. Though, I simply just want to write more than I did in 2020. Still, 30 days of blogging is going to help me get pretty close to where I need to be.

Especially when you consider that I’m also working on the eBook and Despair.

Now, you don’t need to aim for one million words in a year. You could simply focus on writing more today than you did yesterday. That’s the whole point of a goal, to improve yourself.

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What Will the Articles Center Around?

I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the blog posts are going to center around opinion pieces regarding freelance writing, blogging, WordPress, or self-publishing.

That’s because they are incredibly easier to write, overall. But, I do plan on whipping out a few that are tailored for SEO.

I’m not one to just write for the sake of a word count. I believe nearly every sentence needs to support the topic. Though, I have relaxed a bit on this belief as I found that adding personal quips and jokes to be effective in some cases.

The bottom line is that I’m not just going to ramble on so that I can make my daily goals.

Already, I’ve been compiling a list of topics that center around keyphrases and search intent. So, I’m sure that I won’t have a “blogging block” while writing for 30 days.

In other words, I don’t want to just sit here staring at a blank screen trying to come up with a last-minute topic.

Is Blogging for 30 Days Enough Time to Drive Traffic?

In the most recent experiment, traffic for the website grew by 29.11% over the span of a month. However, the growth was mostly from articles that already existed.

In reality, it can take anywhere from two to four months before a blog post you write today will gain traction in Google. But, the algorithm loves an active website.

This means the more often you blog, the higher your page rank.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your content will automatically start climbing in massive leaps in bounds on the results pages. But, it does contribute to how often Google will show your posts to searchers.

In the last experiment, a 29% growth was simply the difference between 2,574 and 3,233 visits. This is far more than what the new content received during the 30 days of blogging.

This means the majority of traffic came from older content.

In Reality, it’s 90 Posts in 30 Days

This experiment isn’t merely focusing on WriterSanctuary.com. In fact, I am writing three blog posts per day for three separate websites. And each one belongs to a different niche.

In the end, I’ll wind up publishing 90 posts in a month! That, alone, is more than I’ve ever produced for my blogs.

It’s my hope to see if there is a difference between the niches when it comes to generating traffic and search. And if I can get around a 30% boost for each site, all the better.

Sure, I’ll more than likely have to go back and revamp some of the articles to add more meat for search intent. But, at least I’ll have the foundation to work with.

Because let’s face it, it’s very unlikely I’ll be able to crank out three, 3,500-word posts for each site every day.

Let’s See What Happens

Starting September 1st, 2021, I’ll be focusing on 30 days of blogging for WriterSanctuary. I’ll probably lose a few push notification subscribers in the process, but, perhaps a few people will stay tuned.

In either case, I’m pretty excited about the prospect of seeing if I’m capable of wiring so much content within a one-month span.

I’ve done it before while writing for Textbroker. Let’s see if I still have it.

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