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Why You Should Keep Writing Profiles Updated

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Do you use content brokerage systems like Textbroker or WriterAccess? How often do you keep those writing profiles accurately updated? A lot of us forgot those profiles are there, but they are an important part of your success.

A profile on a writing system does more than just helping you create an account. It’s a vital component to how much work you’ll find on those systems. Although you can take the time and browse the open pool for writing gigs, keeping your details current is just as important.
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What Writing Profiles Provide

A profile on a site like Textbroker is more than just a bio. It’s an element which many clients use to find prospective writers. If it’s not dazzling, it won’t resonate within those who are looking to pay you for work.

Search Results

Think of your writing profiles like webpages. In a way, they are somewhat similar. Some systems will use a search engine to crawl author information using keywords.

For example, what if a client was looking for a WordPress writer? He or she would put “WordPress” as a search term. Authors who have “WordPress” somewhere in their profiles would show up in the client’s list.

Textbroker, Fiverr and even LinkedIn use similar methods to fine-tune results. Which means you want to have as much data regarding your skills as possible in the writer profiles of those sites.

List of Abilities

ProfessionalismSearch results will bring a client to you. Then, he or she will look through your abilities to see if you’re a good fit. Listing off your abilities gives them valuable information regarding what you can do.

When building a resume, you’ll put your most profound skills at the very beginning. This is to entice the prospective employer. It’s the same reason why you want to include them in your bio. Skills that stand out are going to be more attractive. Don’t use obscure skills no one has ever heard of.

For instance, I used to add Aldus Pagemaker to my profiles. No one had ever heard of it and it was a waste of space that was better used for other abilities.

What if a client is looking for someone with WordPress knowledge who can use Photoshop as well? Having these skills listed would give the impression you’re capable of writing and delivering screenshots or other graphics.

Coincidentally, this was one of the selling points that landed me a retainer contract. Being diverse in your abilities has its rewards.

Examples of your Current Skills

One of the most important parts of your writing profiles is delivering an example of your skills. It’s one thing to say you’re good, but it’s another thing altogether to see you in action.

When creating these examples, include different formats. Some brokerage systems will give you the opportunity to create several different styles. For example, I have two “In-Depth Articles” and one “Product Description” available in my public profile on Textbroker.

It will help show the prospective client how talented and flexible you are.

Yesterday, I was approached by a new client in Textbroker who liked my examples and wanted to test out my abilities on a project. I was a bit embarrassed as I haven’t updated my examples in quite some time.

Why Keep Writing Profiles Updated?

Even if you spend several hours polishing up superior writing profiles, you can’t forget about them as time marches on. These are not set in stone, and you need to remember they’re out there if you want to engage new clients.

Listing New Skills

Avoid Bland ContentOver the weeks and months, you’ll undoubtedly learn new skills. Software, apps, new technologies and more can easily be added to writing profiles if you become proficient. It will help connect you with new clients looking for authors who can handle those tools.

New opportunities are easy to come by on the Internet. Perhaps you started using a social sharing app for your own blogs, like Buffer. Once you’re confident with the tool, listing it in writing profiles may increase how attractive you are to new clients.

Now that the Christmas season is over, I plan on taking a few online courses for writing. Don’t think for one second that I won’t add those to my bio.

More Accurate Examples

As you hone writing skills, the way you create content is affected. What was once a brilliant example a year ago is probably obsolete by now. You want clients to see the best work you can deliver, and keeping samples updated does just that.

Grammar, spelling and readability are points every client wants to see. The more often you write, the better these facets of yourself become. Don’t assume an old sample is going to help land you a lucrative contract.

Like I said earlier, I was quite embarrassed that someone liked my old examples. I just keep forgetting to create new ones…which has undoubtedly affected how often clients contact me. It’ll be one of my goals to provide new samples this week.

How Often Should You Update Writing Profiles?

Textbroker Profile HeaderWhen I first started writing professionally in 2012, I tried to keep profiles updated every six months. I feel this is a reasonable amount of time to fine-tune your skill while expanding your knowledge.

Adding as much detail as possible is beneficial for engaging clients. Those details are acquired if you put in the effort to create content every day whether it’s for pay or on your personal blog.

I know my first samples were overly clinical, perfect for an instruction manual but abysmal for landing blog consumers. After a few months of practice and working with Textbroker clients and editors, I made huge leaps and bounds after a few months.

It’s All About Marketing Yourself

Think of writing profiles as methods to market yourself. If you want to land contracts that pay out loads of money, you need to convince people why they should use your service. This is especially true in a world where more and more writers are taking to the Internet. The pool of authors is vast, and you need to stand out if you want to be successful.

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