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Why I am Often Slow to Push Out Review Articles

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One of the best forms of content you can create to really get a lot of people’s attention are review articles. This is because 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as word-of-mouth from friends. So, why does it take so long for me to write one?

Mostly, it has to do with my own mentality as a professional. Let me explain…


Writing Review Articles Can Do Wonders, But…

At the peak of my time with Textbroker, I would write about nearly any topic. I’ve done more reviews than I can count offhand, and had no problem whipping out content as if I used the product.

That was because once the client accepts the article, it becomes theirs. My name is nowhere on the piece.

But when it comes to my own content, I am extremely picky. Just ask anyone who has wanted to write a guest post for WriterSanctuary.

I Only Write About What I Use

First of all, I usually only write about products I have used at some point. That way, I can break down my experiences, any issues I’ve come across, and whether or not the product suits my needs.

Take the Buy Me a Coffee review I have on this website. I use the platform almost daily. And because of that insight, I can write up something that resonates with the average reader.

If I only use something for a day or two, I’m not really covering all of the different things it can offer. So, for me to feel comfortable enough to write up review articles, I need to spend time with the product.

They Can Take Quite a Bit of Time

Speaking of time, which is something I often don’t have a lot of nowadays, writing a proper review can take up quite a bit of it.

I want to dive as thoroughly into a product as I can to make sure I can deliver the best review possible. Unfortunately, I don’t get a chance to dive too far into a product as I have so many other things going on right now.

This means that I slowly use a product over a long stretch of time before I start planning out its article.

I Have a Reputation to Uphold

Some of my favorite comments on YouTube are how people view me as a thorough creator. I don’t try to fill anything with fluff or add roses to a product that is actually crap.

I’m all about trying to lay out the good and bad of anything I review. And a lot of times, that has pissed off a few people.

Yeah, some folk just don’t like it when you bash a product they love…even if that product has obvious faults.

My point is that I always hold myself accountable when doing review articles. This includes going back and making changes and fixes in past articles if I found a new feature or got something wrong.

Will I Do More Review Articles in the Future?

It’s my hope to get more review articles published on all of my blogs. In fact, I’m working on several at this very moment. But like I said, I need to spend time with products before I publish anything.

This means taking a bit of time out of each day to use something.

But when I have five blogs, three YouTube channels, a Twitch stream, an eBook, a novel, and a podcast going, on top of what I do for clients, it’s hard to find some quality time.

I can see why some bloggers will throw money at outsourcing freelance writers when they’re as busy as I am. I just wish I could afford to hire more help.

At any rate, review articles can really pull in a massive audience. Out of every article I’ve published on all of my blogs, reviews are by far the most impactful.

Well, outside of tutorials.

So yes, I do plan on getting more reviews out there. I just need to make sure I’ve covered the more important aspects of a product before hitting that publish button.

Are Best-Of Listicles the Same as Reviews?

So, what started this blog post in the first place was trying to find ways to incorporate more affiliate links into content. And the majority of bloggers out there do so through listicles.

This is when they’ll publish a Best-Of or Top X article and add a slew of links to make money. Several bloggers can easily clear more than $38,000 per year.

However, as I started diving into the rabbit hole on YouTube, it seemed a lot of people were doing Best-Ofs as a form of review articles. 

And I just don’t know if I can take it that far. I refuse to write for myself in first-person about something I clearly have never used.

But, there is a way to write them without making it seem like I’ve used every product. It all comes down to the type of information you add for each point in the article.

For instance, I do a lot of editing for Best-Ofs for one of my clients. We highlight the features and see if there are any negative experiences from users. Then, we combine it all into a comprehensive breakdown.

Never once do we say we use the product. There may be features we’ll say we like. But, I am quite strict when it comes to the amount of implication I’ll allow on the blog.

Perhaps I’m being too anal. But, there is a reason why a lot of people trust my judgment when it comes to buying a product or using a service.

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How Much Time Do I Spend Before Writing Review Articles?

In reality, the amount of time I spend with a product or service before writing a review differs. It really depends on what I’m reviewing for which blog.

For instance, I will not write a review about a game for ColoradoPlays.com until I have at least 20 hours of playing. That’s because a lot can happen in those 20 hours that will change my point of view.

My review about Buy Me a Coffee was after spending a month or two using the platform nearly every day. I wanted to see how it worked after getting a tip before I felt comfortable enough to write about it.

The fitness stuff on CrossingColorado.com will get used for several weeks.

My point is that there really isn’t a quantifiable time limit when writing review articles. It all comes down to what you’re reviewing and the information you can share.

So, for example, writing about a certain type of ice cream would take mere moments because there is only so much you can gain from the experience.

The idea is to put in enough time where you thoroughly explore what a product or service offers.

Your Audience Needs to Trust Your Opinion

In the end, it’s all about building trust. Those who visit your blog or YouTube channel need to know that you’re providing the best information you can depending on the product, service, or circumstance.

Because when you start building up that trust, people will keep coming back for more. And a dedicated audience can take your content further than you’d imagine.

When planning out your review articles, make sure you’re not just blowing smoke in someone’s face. Especially if your name is tied to the piece.

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