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7 Reasons to Use Workflow Management Apps as a Freelancer

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As a beginner freelance writer, being able to manage your day is paramount to your success. While some of you might be able to wing it with no problem, using workflow management apps can streamline the process.

I only wish I had these around when I started writing back in 2012.

There were a few things online I could use. But they pale in comparison to what’s available now. The amount of time I could have saved is immeasurable.

Today, I’m going to show you just some of the key elements of using workflow management apps. And for someone like me, they are easily worth their weight in digital gold.

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What Are Workflow Management Apps?

Workflow management apps are online programs that help you structure workload and projects throughout any given day. From managing your time to keeping track of tasks, they help streamline productivity whether you’re a freelancer or an employee.

From your desktop computer or your mobile device, you can quickly check what tasks are important and what is complete. This is exceptionally useful if you’re working with a team.

And since using and learning apps like Asana or Jira, my days have been far easier to manage. It’s part of why I’ve been so productive lately.

7 Benefits for Using Workflow Management Apps

Some of these apps may seem intimidating at first for a freelancer. After all, you really don’t need the “team environment” if you’re working for yourself.

However, there is a lot more involved than just assigning work for other people. Besides, if all goes well, you can add your own team and expand your private business.

For example, I’ve added a couple of people to Asana to help me write content for my blogs. And if things keep progressing, this is just the beginning.

OK, these apps sound intriguing, no? So, what are some of the benefits of using them?

1. Many of them Have Free Versions

Most apps nowadays have free versions you can use to explore what they can do for you. Sure, some of the really neat stuff is locked behind a paywall. But, some of the better apps are fully functional for free.

Take Asana; I can fully use it to manage every aspect of my day without worrying about the bells-and-whistles from the paid version. As a freelance writer, I won’t use most of those “bonuses” anyway.

For instance, I use Asana to manage my team of writers for my client as well as keeping track of my own team for the blogs. I can schedule how my day unfolds, assign work, and set up private projects…all without spending a single dime.

2. Some Have Mobile Versions Available

A lot of you will most likely do a lot of freelance work from your mobile device. I’m not talking about writing, even though I’ve done articles for Textbroker with my small 7-inch tablet.

I’m talking about managing clients, communicating, verifying projects and much more. Some apps will send you updates to a smartphone when anyone assigns, completes, or comments on a task.

If you assign private clients to low-level roles in these apps, they can keep in constant contact while verifying when jobs are complete.

3. You Can Set Up a Team Environment

As I said before, workflow management apps can easily center around the team environment. And I know that a lot of you beginner freelancers don’t really care about that aspect.

But you should.

There’s nothing that says you can’t own your own business while hiring a team of writers when your client lists start to grow faster than you can produce content.

Case in point; I treat my blogs as an extension of my business. As it sits right now, I don’t have time to manage everything. This is why I have a couple of people helping me out in this regard.

4. Keeps Track of Personal and Professional Projects

One of the biggest problems I have is remembering to do certain tasks. I’ve even forgotten a few times for my client. This is why everything now goes into Asana regardless of how trivial the task.

This is a key element to success…being able to follow a good flow whether it’s for yourself or for clients. And since one of my clients uses Asana, I can easily monitor the workflow of everyone involved.

But workflow management apps don’t have to focus purely on the professional side of things. Scheduling downtime or working on personal projects can help you unwind while maintaining a good schedule throughout the day.

5. Most Major Private Clients Use Them

Bigger clients already know the value of using apps such as these. This means it’s in your best interest to at least have some form of familiarity with how they work.

If you are hired by a larger company, you want to have a good understanding and reduce your “orientation” period. Coming out of the gate strong impresses all clients.

Using management apps on your own gives you a chance to start learning the system. And since many are structured in a similar method, the learning curve is lower if you’re already using one for your own tasks.

6. Streamlining Your Career as a Freelancer

The bottom line is that workflow management apps help streamline your freelancing career. And I’m not just talking about writers, either. In fact, you could use something like Asana to keep track of your day as an Uber driver.

You can schedule reminders for just about anything, enter notes regarding daily activities, upload files, and so much more.

I can’t count the number of times that scheduling tasks and comments have saved me in the past while using Asana. If one of my writers has a problem, we note it in the app and can keep a written record of virtually anything.

7. Workflow Management Apps Often Integrate

Integration is a prominent thing, nowadays. It’s nice when one app sends data to another to create an intricate web of information. Workflow apps are no exception.

For example, Asana integrates with Slack and Google Docs extremely well. So, I can share files and create tasks without even opening the app itself.

It’s just another way to expand what you can do and how it can help you streamline the workflow.

Workflow Management Apps Simply Help

There’s no question that workflow management apps are incredibly beneficial for freelancers of all kinds. And since a large portion of them are free, you can easily benefit from maintaining your daily process.

You really don’t lose anything but a bit of time checking out which one is most beneficial for your needs. Isn’t it worth a few moments if you could streamline your day while working from home?

Have you ever thought about using a workflow app yourself? If so, which is more interesting to you?

For more information regarding freelance writing, check out WriterSanctuary’s YouTube channel.

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