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7 Things that Will Impact How Much Money You Make Using Textbroker

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One question I see on this website a lot is how much money can someone make using Textbroker. The best answer I can give is, “That depends.” I know, not really prolific and somewhat vague.

But the truth is, there is just so much that can adjust how much money any writer can actually make while using the Textbroker system.

However, I can give you an example of how much I make and what you can do to make the most out of the experience.

Improving What You Can Make Using Textbroker

Over the past five years, I’ve made use of every part of the system. I suppose you can say that I am a bit of an expert as I have also completed more than 5,500 orders for various clients since 2012. In that time, I’ve learned quite a few things that I am willing share.

Here are several ways you can get the most and improve what you make using Textbroker.
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1. Actual Writing Time

As a freelance ghostwriter, you’re paid for the projects you complete. This means you don’t technically get an hourly paycheck. You’ll only be paid once the job is complete and the client accepts the work.

As a result, every moment you spend not writing for a client is a moment without pay.

Successful freelance ghostwriters need to stay motivated to keep working. We don’t get a lot of the advantages that corporate employees enjoy.

For example, we don’t get an hourly paycheck even if we’re standing at the water cooler talking with co-workers. We are paid to write in the strictest sense.

What do I do?
I am a bit of a geek, so I have a spreadsheet that I use to keep track of every minute and every word I write. If you want some good office software for this, I would suggest Libre Office.

In a sense, I “clock in” when I start and “clock out” when I have to stop for things like bathroom breaks. I only keep track of the time I spend working for a client. This helps me stay focused on each task.

2. Accepting More Work

Looking for WorkObviously accepting more orders will alter how much you make using Textbroker. While most of us will feel more comfortable writing about specific topics, sometimes you need to step out of that comfort zone.

The reality is you just don’t know how good you’ll write about another topic unless you try.

Being versatile in topics will also increase how much work is available to you. Your preferred niche may stay empty for a few days at a time while another seems to be loaded with jobs.

The more you learn about any given topic, the more valuable you become for future clients.

What do I do?
I started writing computer and technology orders exclusively. It wasn’t until I branched out that I found myself contributing to every topic in the Textbroker system.

Today, there are very few topics that I don’t write about – religion and adult content. Everything else is fair game to me.

3. Keeping Focus and Staying on Task

Because a freelance ghostwriter is paid per completed task, keeping focus and maintaining a good work flow is vastly important. Don’t look at the 24-hour time limit on a job as if you have 24 hours to complete it. Get it done as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next job.

Besides, clients love it when you’re punctual.

The hardest part about staying on task is avoiding distractions. Working from home can be quite problematic in that respect because there are so many diversions available. For me, it’s YouTube and Netflix watching.

Remember, every minute you’re gaming is one minute you’re not getting paid.

What do I do?
Guest BloggingI don’t have regular computer speakers on my computer. This limits being able to just watch or play something on a whim. I also set goals for writing every day and am in the habit of making sure I meet those goals before doing anything else.

4. Completing Your Profile

Keeping a well-developed profile is vastly important to enhance how much money you make using Textbroker. This is information that clients and managers will use to discover if you’re a good fit for the project.

The more detailed you are, the more jobs you’ll have access to.

Including as many details about your abilities as possible greatly improves your chances for success. Because you’ll make more money during direct and team orders, you need to make sure those clients can find you in a search.

I can’t stress enough how this part of the system is important to your future writing.

What do I do?
After filling out every piece of information I can think of, I’ll often go back and revamp the profile. This is because my skills improve over time, and I want to show clients my capabilities in the writing samples.

It’s like updating a resume on a semi-regular basis.

5. Being Vigilant When Joining Teams

Direct orders and teams are where you will make the most money through TextBroker. As such, you need to be vigilant when it comes to looking for teams to join or accepting offers.

Most of the offers you’ll receive come from clients and managers who see your profile in search results.

See, having a complete profile helps.

I like teams because many of them are quite easy to write for and often send a ton of work in the pool in bulk. There’s a few that I like to write for that provide a stream of income for several days at a time.

In fact, I often find myself so inundated with work that I can’t keep up.

What do I do?
Every time an offer for a team shows up, I complete the requirements and submit it. I’ll also go through the team openings and see if there is a new one that needs my help. Get yourself in the mix and become part of those teams.

It makes a huge difference when looking for available work.

6. Customer Service Is Key

Winning ClientsWhen you make clients happy, you increase the chances of them coming back to you for more work. I’ve had many direct order clients who started using me because of the work I provide in the open pool. This means they pay more money based on what is set for direct orders in the profile.

Here are a few keys to boosting how clients view you as a freelance ghostwriter:

  1. Project turnaround: How fast do you complete orders?
  2. Skills and ability: How well do you write and are you knowledgeable?
  3. Following directions: Do you give the client exactly what he or she is looking for?
  4. Being communicative: Do you communicate often with clients regarding the project?
  5. Being respectful: Are you a pleasant writer to work with and treat others well?

Because I am good at all of the above, I’ve had clients use me exclusively for long periods of time. In fact, several provided daily work for more than a year.

What do I do?
I practice the best customer service possible. This is important in any career field. A happy customer will come back to you to receive that same feeling of value. As a result, you will vastly improve how much money you make using Textbroker.

7. Don’t Waste Time

Like I said before, it’s exceptionally easy for many freelance ghostwriters to get sidetracked. When the workflow is low, you need to find something to keep yourself occupied. However, gaming and watching movies is probably not the most productive.

There are many things you can do during your low-work times that will improve your abilities on Textbroker. For example, you can read about your preferred industry to increase your knowledge for the next client that comes around.

What do I do?
Blog OnI blog. Blogging is a way that lets me practice my skills for both typing and grammar. From speed to speech, all of my abilities are constantly being flexed when I write for either of my websites. It also gives me a chance to improve proofreading.

I try to stay productive as a writer regardless if I am on Textbroker or not.

It’s All Related to Effort

If you want to increase how much money you make using Txtbroker, you need to put in the effort. Simply writing one article every 24 hours is not conducive to building future success.

At one point, I was averaging more than $400 per week just by spending less than six hours a day writing. It’s possible to make more, as long as you can keep focus and be committed to being the best freelance ghostwriter you can.

There’a a lot of work out there if your motivated.

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