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The Second Draft of My Book is Done, Now What?

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This week, I finished the second draft of my book and sent it off to the beta readers. While I wait for feedback, I need something to do with my scheduled blocks of writing time. So, what projects are on my radar?

It’s a bit of a difficult prospect for me, actually. After all, I have a lot on my plate that could use an extra two-hour chunk of time in the day.

Don’t forget, I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t add any more new projects until I finish the ones I’ve already started.

That’s an exceptionally long list…

What Are the Writing Priorities for Now?

After taking a bit of time to consider my options, I think I’ve settled on a decision. There are a lot of things I want to do with the extra time but can’t do them all.

For example, I would LOVE to get started on the Kindle Vella project. It’s going to be one of those books that helps me with blog and video ideas afterward.

However, I said I wouldn’t start anything new until I clear out what has been started.

So, this is the tentative plan at the moment in order, and why.

Getting the Blogs Rollin’ Regular Again

One of my goals for the year was to get the primary blogs back on somewhat of a schedule. Well, a lot of things have popped up over the past few months and I haven’t been able to get them rolling again.

Mostly, it’s because I’ve had clients with some major issues and I prioritized getting my second book done.

Perhaps the biggest reason why I want to dump more time into the blogs is because I would love to afford an external office. Being cramped in my room all day is taking its toll on my mental health.

I really have nowhere else to put my desk.

Besides, getting a bit of income from the blogs would help me afford help for the other projects. For example, I would really love a video editor. That would free up about four hours per week!

Not to mention that it makes me feel bad when I neglect my readers when I don’t publish a new post.

Finish Rewriting VII

I’ve been working on VII off and on since 2016. I’d love to finish the novel and move on to another Wattpad project. Not only might this help me secure a few new audience members, but there is a mental component to finishing VII.

Throughout my life, I’ve started and trashed so many potential books. Who knows where I might be today if I would have published even a handful of them?

Mostly, it was because I didn’t think I was good enough to put something out there.

Over the past few years, though, a lot of my mentality toward myself has changed. My confidence level has grown exponentially since then, and instead of thinking my stories sucked, I decided I’m going to tell them anyway.

For one thing, I enjoy reading as much as writing them.

Finishing VII would prove to myself that I’m capable of finishing something I started. Sure, I’ve done that with A Freelancer’s Tale and Kingmaker. But VII has always been an important book for me on an emotional level.

Finish Skeletal on Inkitt

I started a story on Inkitt several months ago. The idea was to write something new so I could test out Inkitt’s platform. This helps me come up with content for both the blog and YouTube channel.

So, in a way, finishing Skeletal is more a bit of a marketing device. Plus, I have a few amazing ideas for the story and what I want to do with the Inkitt account.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to finish the Inkitt story before the beta readers are done with Kingmaker.

Still, it would be nice to get some more chapters in the book so I can proceed with the various content ideas I have.

This is because I rarely write about things I haven’t used, tested, purchased, or experienced. I can’t call something “the best” if I’ve never used it myself.


Working on Despair

I’ve been wanting to get back to making the Despair audiobook on YouTube for weeks now. However, I need to spend a bit of time going over what has been published and where the story is going.

A lot has happened over the last seven months.

The plan is to spend some time going over the story and taking notes of things, places, and (most importantly) names.

I’ve already added Despair blocks to my week, which means I already have the time to make the videos whether I am working on Kingmaker or not. So, it’s just a matter of getting my thoughts and notes together to make the videos.

Content Strategy Time

One thing I need to do with the extra time is to spend some of it working on various content strategies. At least researching some topics that I think my audience will like to read.

Yes, I plan to do a few more journal entries now and then to keep everyone in the loop. But remember, I still need SEO content if I want to draw a larger audience so I can afford that external office space.

This means coming up with more reviews, lists, and tutorials. Those seem to be the top three that work exceptionally well across all of my blogs.

Well, across all blogs I manage, that is. One of my clients generates 1.2 million visits every six months just from the tutorials alone.

Excited to Hear Back About My Book!

Regardless of how I use my time, I am incredibly excited about hearing back about my book. I’ve changed a lot of the storyline, added character development, and included a scene that I’m not sure how well it will work for the readers.

Still, I think it’s my best writing to date, and I can’t wait to hear what they think of the changes.

If all goes according to plan, like that ever happens, then I should have it published before my birthday. Sure, that’ll be a year past when I wanted it out. But I’m glad I took the time to polish it up.

The book turned out far better than it would have if I stuck to the original plan.

What Are Your Future Writing Plans?

It’s nice when you’re able to knock down one project at a time to free up more of your day. Now, if only Comcast would quit dropping the Internet connection, I could get even more done.

What projects are you working on and how many writing goals have you achieved this year?

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