Jetpack Like Button Not Loading on Posts in WordPress

Jetpack offers several great modules to accentuate a WordPress website. One of the features many use is the “Like” button. This is when a visitor can click “Like” to express to the author the content was worth reading. Unfortunately, sometimes the like button can get stuck with a “loading…” message. How can you fix this problem?

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Video Widget in WordPress 4.8 Not Working with YouTube

WordPress 4.8 was recently released and came with a handful of new widget controls. Personally, I thought this would make life easier on developing some of my blogs, but alas, I was mistaken. It seems that the video widget for WordPress 4.8 does not work for everyone. However, I believe I know why.

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How to Fix Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Error 400

The Google Analytics Dashboard in WordPress is quite a handy tool when you want to see your stats. Instead of switching to the Analytics website, you can get basic info in your WordPress dashboard. But what happens when you get the “This report is unavailable (400)” error? Not too fear, it’s actually much easier to fix than what you may think.

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