User Submitted Posts: Is it Helpful for a Blog?

Looking for a way to generate more content on your site? A lot of us are exceptionally busy and really don’t have the time to create something new every day. A great way to increase your site’s output and deliver more content is through user submitted posts.

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The Difference Between Target Audience and Traffic

So many people are striving to get as much traffic to their sites or social accounts as possible. In fact, they’ll do almost anything to see their visitor numbers rise. Is focusing too much on mere traffic good for the cause? In reality, it’s your target audience you should be more concerned about.

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Is it Worth the Effort to Fix Old Blog Posts?

There are a lot of blogs out there that have years and years worth of content. As new optimization strategies unfold, there is a common question for many of those long-time bloggers: “Is it worth the effort to go back and fix some of those old posts?” Although I haven’t been writing nearly as long as many others, I have seen the impact first-hand for fixing older articles.

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