Summer of Writing: 100 Days of Writing in 2022

Every summer, it’s my hope to inspire others as well as myself to be more productive when it comes to writing. Actually, a lot of it has more to do with keeping myself motivated by being accountable to you, the reader.

Still, I feel this is a great way to keep the momentum going as a creator.

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How is the Summer of Writing Going in 2022?

Because I am a geek with a spreadsheet, I keep track of all the content I create for myself. Then, I share that information below so you can watch the progress in real-time.

My Summer of Writing spans from June 1st through September 8th, which is 100 days. So, it doesn’t technically follow the traditional summer timeframe.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t include client work.

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What’s the Writing Challenge for 2022?

This year, I’m keeping it pretty straightforward for myself. I’m mostly concerned with getting my next book published while beginning the next project. In this case, I want to polish up VII on Wattpad.

Another component of this year’s challenge is averaging one million words per year. I’m pretty close to hitting this goal already, so, it shouldn’t be overly difficult.

Since I plan on doing quite a few reviews for author products this summer, I should get relatively close with most of the work in the form of blogging. But we’ll see how the summer unfolds.

Why Challenge Yourself with a Summer of Writing?

Challenges are excellent ways to motivate, inspire, and learn. They can help set the tone for progress while helping you realize your own potential.

Not all challenges need to have others competing in order to be effective. In this case, you’re only in competition with yourself, who will always be your greatest adversary.

Too many of us prevent our own success. When you commit to something like a Summer of Writing or following along with NaNoWriMo, you begin to understand who you are and what you can do.

Just remember that a challenge is just that, which means you need to put in maximum effort. Otherwise, it would just be an aspiration.

Push yourself to accomplish some great things. You are the only one holding yourself back as you have absolute control over what you write. Whether it’s taking classes to learn to write better, blogging about your day, or hammering out your first novel, you are in control.

Blogs, Books, and Videos

As you can see, I am keeping track of the number of words written for the blogs, books, and videos. But what does that entail, exactly?

  • Blogs
    This is the number of words I have written for all of the blogs I own and operate…which is quite a few, actually.
  • Books
    I am actively self-publishing most of my books, but they won’t write themselves. This also includes words for any novellas, Wattpad stories, Kindle Vellas, YouTube audiobooks, and other published fictional works I’m putting out there.
  • Videos
    I often write scripts for my videos, or, at least set up the bullet points of what I want to cover. Not to mention writing the video descriptions for YouTube. Technically, these work to improve the content overall, so, they are worth adding.
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Why Don’t I Include Clients in the Summer of Writing?

I actually have a couple of reasons why I don’t include client work in the above spreadsheet.

  1. Client work is already tracked in my professional spreadsheet
  2. A lot of my client work today consists of research and editing, not writing
  3. This is more of a way to further myself as a creator and author

There’s nothing wrong with including client work should you choose to do so. In fact, if it wasn’t for the nature of the work I do today, I’d include them as well. Even the clients from Textbroker would contribute to the above data.

However, I’ve decided to take myself on as a “client” of sorts. Sure, the real clients keep the lights on and the mortgage paid. But I want far more out of being a writer than just to serve up awesome content for others.

Create a Summer of Writing for Yourself

You don’t have to go to such lengths to set up your own Summer of Writing. This page is essentially a way to hold myself accountable to anyone who follows the blog.

However, challenging yourself to push those perceived limits you’ve placed can help you realize just how much you can handle. You’ll never know what you can accomplish until you take those first steps.

Find a way to challenge yourself in your writing career. There’s so much more out there if you take the time to explore what’s available and what you’re capable of creating.

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