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To be honest, I simply don’t have the time to create all the content I’d like. However, I am open to accepting pieces by you – as a guest blogger.

The trade-off is a link back to your site and your name as the author. It gives you recognition while helping me grow this site into something more.

I am also experimenting with setting up users on this site and perhaps a way to compensate authors. But let’s just see how this goes for a bit, first.

You should receive an email when your post goes live.

A Few Rules to Go By

  1. Your content is subject to be edited for SEO, grammar and spelling. I use Yoast SEO to power this website, and I will do what I can to turn all content “green.”
  2. You can upload one image as a featured image for your post. It must be 715px wide by 400px tall. It must also be relevant to the post and not pulled from a copyrighted source.
  3. Absolutely no hate speech, adult content or otherwise illegal materials are allowed on this website. Write accordingly.
  4. If you make claims or state facts, make sure you cite your source with a link.
  5. The URL for your website will be added to the article, but it must be relevant to the content of this site. For example, don’t link out to a blog about fixing cars. I don’t mind personal blogs, but niche sites need to be closely related to writing, working from home, WordPress and other similar content on
  6. Please, only one URL per domain. For example, only use once throughout the article. Any duplicate URLs will be removed.
  7. Articles must be at least 1000 words long…and please no fluff or filler.
  8. Creative content is welcome, as long as it’s not too outrageous, controversial or filled with adult content.
  9. No copy and pasting. I will verify all posts are original content. I’ll simply delete anything that is a duplicate.
  10. Titles must be unique. The system will not accept a title that is already available on the site.
  11. By submitting a post, you agree that it is a unique piece for If you wish to use it elsewhere, get in touch with me and I’ll work with you on removing it from this website. Otherwise, it will be here until the site no longer exists.
  12. Feel free to write a short blurb about yourself at the end of the article. I don’t want faceless writers here, and I would like visitors to know who you are. But don’t feel obligated. You don’t have to write a bio, but it would be appreciated.
  13. If this is for a business, please refrain from first-person writing.
Please complete the required fields.
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What Can You Write About?

Currently, I am opening WriterSanctuary to several categories of content. They are:

  • Content Writing
    A post related to ways to write content, how-tos, lists and other materials. You could even touch base on proper grammar if you wish.
  • Creative Corner
    These are creative pieces I’ll showcase on the front page alongside my own. Sci-fi, comedy, horror and pretty much anything else that is creative is welcome – including poetry.
  • How to WordPress
    These are tutorials for using the WordPress management system. I’ll personally verify these and use actual screenshots while following your instructions.
  • How to is a bit different from the actual WordPress CMS. These tutorials will also be verified by myself to ensure they are legit.
  • Marketing
    Have good ways to market content and want to share? This is the category you’ll use…especially if it’s related to freelancing.
  • Monetizing the Site
    How many ways do you know to monetize a website? Any serious and legitimate methods are more than welcome. No scams, though.
  • Plugin Reviews
    Have a favorite plugin for WordPress? Here is where you’ll share your review of the tool including why someone would want to use it. Please, take a look at my reviews and see how I like the structure.
  • Self Publishing
    I would love content related to self-publishing. This includes anything from cover designs to editors and platforms. If you know a bit about self-publishing, feel free to submit a post.
  • Website Development
    Don’t go into too much detail about coding. This section is more for layouts, design ideas and ways to engage visitor traffic.
  • WordPress Blogging
    I’ll entertain most posts centered around WordPress blogging in any form. This is aside from plugin reviews and how-tos.
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