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I recently decided to remove the blog submission form. If you want to write a guest post for this website, please use the contact form, and perhaps we can come up with a viable plan.

In reality, it’s been months since anyone used this page to submit guest blog posts. Lately, all inquiries have been going straight to the contact form. So, I figure this page is pretty pointless today.

Will Automatic Guest Post Submission Return?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure if I’ll bring the site submission form back. I suppose if there is interest in it, and at least from more than just one person, then perhaps I will put it back up.

But for the time being, it’s kind of a waste of menu space. At this moment, I think the WordPress Quick Fixes is a more viable page for the menu than this one.

Do I Still Accept Guest Posts and Paid Sponsor Posts?

Absolutely. Just use the contact form on this website and we can work out some kind of plan.

As always, though, make sure that you’re suggesting content that is relevant to freelance writing, working from home, WordPress, self-publishing, or blogging. I will not accept content that is too far beyond the scope of this niche.

If you have an idea about how to connect something to these topics, feel free to contact me. I’ll entertain realistic ideas.

What About Guest Blogging on the Other Sites?

I have five primary sites that I’m trying to build up. I haven’t set up the contact form on most of these as of yet. However, you can reach me at and use the form there to discuss blogging on any of my other sites.

And, that site has all the current information regarding me on the Internet. So if you’re curious about anything else I do, you can find it on that blog.

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