Setting Your Goals for Income while Working from Home

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RunKeeper.” It uses your GPS location to track your movement and uses estimations to determine how many calories you have burned. It can also display your results on your Facebook page providing motivation in order to avoid embarrassment.

Realize the Power of Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets are great at collecting data. You can also set them up to display a progression chart to give you a visual of your progress. I have an elaborate Excel worksheet that I use for tracking time spent writing, the amount of pay per order and the number of words. Each day, I try to surpass my averages for the year which puts me on a path of continuous improvement – and it doesn’t set myself up for failure.

Productivity Goals
If you work at home in a productivity sense, you can set goals to surpass those numbers. For instance, one of my goals is to surpass that number of words I type for clients each day. While I do care about the amount of money I make, this keeps my productivity as a professional in perspective. The more words I deliver to clients, the more professional my appearance.

Many people think that goals are bad. If you set them too high, of course they can be disheartening. Setting yourself up for failure can be detrimental to your mental state as it could make you feel like a failure. Set goals that are easier to achieve. Even if you set a low point for your income or productivity, you can begin building on that by trying to surpass it each day. Don’t shoot for the stars right off the bat. Start small and realize your own potential before considering larger objectives.

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