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Review: Can You Find a Writing Job with Jooble?

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Freelance writing jobs are available all over the Internet. You can search for these careers brand-by-brand, or use a job aggregator. Today, I’ll go over the latter in the form of Jooble. Since it’s a free system to use, we really won’t lose anything but a few minutes of time.

And what’s a few minutes if it winds up helping you land a nice job somewhere.

What is Jooble?

Jooble is a job aggregator that scours the Internet looking for available work. The software categorizes and places the jobs in an easy-to-use database so searchers can readily find specific careers. 

Jooble is also a job placement board in which businesses can list their openings. 

Using the search fields, you can narrow down the results according to placement date, yearly salary, type, or even distance.

What is a Job Aggregator?

Blogger Jobs Jooble Denver

A job aggregator is software that will scan through various types of job openings and store the data into a centralized database. It’s kind of like Google search, but intended for available work.

The aggregator will find jobs that are publically listed, whether they’re on the company website or through other database systems. Depending on when and where the job was listed, sometimes these results can be outdated.

For instance, a job added to Jooble within the last three days could have been on another website for more than two weeks.

Jooble’s aggregator only pulls data from publicly offered jobs. This means the opening is or was available for anyone to access at some point in time.

How Well Does Jooble Work?

Job aggregators sound good in principle, but they’re not without a couple of flaws. But in the end, any lead to a new career is going to be beneficial.

And since Jooble is free to use, it’s really nothing to give it a test run for yourself.

Virtually World Wide Searching

Jooble scans just about the entire Internet. As such, you can find jobs in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, the Middle East, and Oceanic countries such as New Zealand and Australia.

This might be a great place to start, especially since I get a lot of questions about writing jobs in Nigeria and other African countries.

Freelance Writer Jobs Nigeria

The system will adjust its salary currency and even its ads according to your search term and location.

Easy to Use Filters

There’s only a handful of filters for the jobs in Jooble. However, there are straight-forward and easy to use. So, if you want to see a list of the most recent jobs, just click the “Today” link.

You can also choose the different salary levels, job type, remote jobs or not, and distance from your location.

For example, I can set the search results to show remote-only jobs within 50 miles of Denver, CO that pay more than $160k per year. Though, the remote-only aspect probably cancels out the travel distance of 50 miles.

Upsetting Many a Business

One of the most common complaints I’ve found online concerning Jooble is that of showing outdated job postings.

Businesses that no longer have a position available still show up in various search results. And as such, the listing agent becomes irate as he or she still gets inquiries concerning a position that no longer exists.

And Jooble does respond by letting them know that they can remove the listing quite easily, in most cases.

But from all of the complaints I’ve read, it seems most of the low star ratings on sites like Trustpilot center around people not knowing how a job aggregator works and are too quick to complain.

On the other hand, I do see where they’re coming from. I know I would get tired of seeing resumes and applications for a job I filled a month ago.

Aggregates Aggregators That Are Sometimes Expired

Another drawback to Jooble is the same as with all job aggregators; using each other as job postings.

Case in point; I recently searched for jobs in Jooble only to get redirected to Resume Library, another job aggregator and job posting site. However, the original posting from Resume Library had already been filled.

This creates a cascade effect of outdated information propagated throughout the network.

In other words, it’s extremely easy to come across jobs that no longer exist. This is true with just about every aggregator on the Internet.

Writing Jobs Are Out There

If you’re not into content mills, there are plenty of options for content writers on the Internet. And a job aggregator like Jooble can help you find the ones you’re looking for.

It’ll take a bit of sifting to find jobs that exist or that don’t require some major sign-up process. But I did find quite a few that lead me directly to a company website to fill out an application.

So, Jooble does work. It just takes a bit of searching…as it does with any other job aggregator.

Try for yourself, if you’d like. The search box below will redirect you to Jooble’s website.

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