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Getting the Podcast Going: Still Have a Long Way to Go

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Recently, I’ve decided to jump on the podcast bandwagon and see where it can take WriterSanctuary. As I’ve never done anything like this before, I find it a bit fun and scary at the same time. But probably not for the reasons as you might think.

Why Set Up a Podcast?

A lot of people will jump into the arena of setting up a podcast. In fact, I’ve read a few articles about how millions join platforms like Anchor but rarely make it past three episodes.

Now, I’m not sure about that statistic simply because I cannot verify the source. But, it does seem like a lot of people have set up a podcast for themselves at one point or another.

Expanding My Reach to Help Others

According to Semrush, there will be 100 million listeners by 2024 in the United States alone. That’s nearly one-third of the entire population. If I can expand my reach to just some of those people, I may be able to help more writers.

Though, a lot of my YouTube viewers and blog readers come from the UK and eastern countries.

Besides, the YouTube channel keeps up relatively close to the blog in terms of traffic. What if the podcast can do something similar?

I’ve helped a lot of people on YouTube with things like motivation and content mills. The same can be said about the blog. So, if I can help a similar audience with this new show, all the better.

Might Do Well for Marketing

It is believed that ad spending for podcasts will surpass $2.7 billion by 2025. This means a lot of brands are tossing a great deal of money at creators. This tells me that it’s a viable method for marketing WriterSanctuary.

The more popular a platform, the better the success rate whether you’re a blogger, vlogger, or other creator.

Though, I’m still not convinced about using TikTok.

At any rate, YouTube has brought in more visitors to my blog than other social media platforms combined. I’m interested to see how well a podcast can do.

A Bit of Money Might Be Nice

I’m a big fan of diversifying income. Never settle on just one method to bring in a buck or two. And although I’m just about 9 months from getting added to YouTube’s Partnership Program, there are still plenty of ways to generate income.

I keep reading how podcasts have an average CPM of around $30. But like I point out with making money on Adsense, averages can vary exponentially.

This means we could make just pennies per day with a podcast. Still, it’s one of those things I’d like to try out to see how well it works in general.

And if Chris and I can make an extra $1,000 each per month, that would go a very long way.

Though, I’m a realist. I’m not expecting a single dime for at least a few months while we get our bearings. But if listeners visit the YouTube channel or the blog, then it’s an indirect way to monetize the podcast.

What Are the Shows About?

We are still working out the details of how we’re doing the shows. At the moment, we try to focus on writing, freelance writing, blogging, and self-publishing. Though, I think we should focus on topics for each episode.

Right now, it’s kind of a hodge-podge of creativity.

But if you’d like to ask us a few questions, you can watch the show live on the WriterSanctuary YouTube channel. We love interacting with the audience.

The shows are currently live on Friday nights at 7:00 pm Mountain time (-700 GMT).

What Makes the Podcast Fun for Me?

So far, everything I’ve explored has been a great experience. From the stress of maintaining several blogs to getting in front of a camera, I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

Hanging Out with Friends

I don’t get out very often. And I really don’t have any local friends to hang out with, save for the few close-knit people in my life. So, most of my interactions are with people from different areas of the globe.

These people are my friends…and I love hanging out and just talking about virtually anything. In fact, I look forward to every Monday night live stream and Friday night podcast.

It’s great for having a few laughs and spending time with people who are over the age of 16. I love my kids, by adult time would be nice once in a while.

I Love Being Social

The funny part about doing the live streams on YouTube and now the live podcasts is that I truly enjoy being social. This is completely different from how I am in real life.

Normally in the real world, I’m relatively shy and quiet.

But when I’m recording a show or otherwise in front of the camera, I am a completely different person. What makes this funny is because how often I hear people having the exact opposite problem.

I know so many people who are camera shy but are more relaxed in a physically social environment.

A New Content Platform to Explore and Learn

I love to learn new things regardless of the topic. And setting up the podcast is just something new that I am able to dive into to further understand.

Besides, it’ll make me more valuable as a creator and freelance writer. What if I gain a client who doesn’t have a podcast and is interested in setting one up?

It’s just something else to add to my resume, overall.

Why Am I Scared of the Podcast?

So, I am a bit intimidated when it comes to creating the podcast. But not because of being shy. I think I’ve already established that I am completely comfortable with being on camera or being recorded.

Taking a Bit of My Time

I have a lot of things on my plate. I’m trying to stabilize 5 blogs, 3 YouTube channels, the Twitch stream, my own eBooks and novels, and now the podcast.

Luckily, Chris has agreed to help me with balancing some of these things.

I’m just worried that I’ll burn myself out sooner or later. Luckily, the podcast is after hours. This means it shouldn’t really impact my workday all that much in the grand scheme of things.

But, we won’t know for sure how much it affects my workflow for another couple of months.


I’m setting up a blog post and video about this, but I am often intimidated by self-promotion. I suppose it taps into that impostor syndrome I face on a regular basis.

Part of it is because I’m worried about committing myself heavily to something that may blow up in my face. That’s because of how I felt about my computer business and having to shut it down.

Having to get rid of the computer center left some major scars behind. And I’m still mentally recovering from that experience.

But like all things in life, I’ve got to learn and grow. I can’t be afraid of what might happen. I guess it’s time I start investing in myself as much as I do my clients.

Crossing My Fingers

Even though this is a new venture and it may fall flat, it’s still a fun experience. My fears are easily overcome by the sheer amount of fun the adventure has been thus far.

In the end, I think doing the podcast is going to be a great learning process, whether it’s successful or not.

So, if you’re interested in checking out the podcast live, make sure to visit the YouTube channel on Friday nights. It’s good for a few laughs, to say the least.

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