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How to Add a Podcast to Buy Me a Coffee for Your Audience

One of the types of content in Buy Me a Coffee that you can add for supporters is a podcast. This can help promote your content further while engaging the ones who enjoy listening to shows. Today, let’s add a podcast for BMC supporters to enjoy.

The platform is relatively easy to manage. Perhaps the hardest part is coming up with the show itself.

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Creating the Podcast on Buy Me a Coffee

There are actually two different ways you can add a podcast to Buy Me a Coffee. You can either upload a pre-recorded audio file or record it directly to the Buy Me a Coffee platform.

Before we get started, access your Buy Me a Coffee dashboard.

Click on the “Posts” option on the left side of the screen. Then, click the “Audio post” button at the top.

Buy Me a Coffee Audio Post

This will bring up the page to add your audio file for Buy Me a Coffee supporters.

Adding a Podcast via Saved File

The first method we’ll use is uploading an audio file. I’m going to assume that you have a recording ready to go. If you don’t, I’ll share a couple of audio apps a bit later that may be of some help.

From the “Create your post” screen, click the “Upload audio” button and select the file you have saved.

Upload Audio File

Enter the Title and Description for the audio file and then click “Next” on the top right.

Podcast Title and Description

On the next screen, you can change who can see and listen to the podcast. You can set it to Public, Supporters only, or Members only.

Once you click on a radio button for any of those options, you’re Buy Me a Coffee levels will show for the podcast episode.

Who Can See the Podcast

In this example, I’m sharing the episode with Members Only and across all membership levels.

You can also choose to change the thumbnail, change or create new categories, and decide to email the post upon publishing.

Once you’ve made your adjustments, click the “Publish” button at the bottom.

Publish Buy Me a Coffee Podcast

NOTE: It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a category specifically for your podcast on Buy Me a Coffee. That way, you can keep content types separated. Also, you can schedule the posts to go live at a later date if you choose.

That’s all there is to it. Now, your podcast is uploaded to Buy Me a Coffee and your audience can listen to the show.

Don’t forget to share it with others if you decided to make the podcast public. You can use various social sharing apps to publish the link for you from a single location.

For example, I often use Buffer to share on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook simultaneously.

Adding a Podcast Recording Directly to BMC

If you don’t have recording software for your podcast, you can use Buy Me a Coffee directly. That way, you can record and share the show from a single screen.

From the “Create your post” screen, click the “Record audio” button.

When you’re ready, click the “Start recording” button.

Start Recording

NOTE: When you’re done recording and click the “Stop recording” button, it can take a couple of seconds before you see the recorded podcast. This is because Buy Me a Coffee is rendering the audio file.

When you’re done recording, enter the title and description of the podcast. Then, click the “Next” button on the top right.

Title and Description of Podcast

On the next screen, you can choose who sees your podcast, change the thumbnail, select specific categories, or choose whether to email it to your followers, members, or supporters.

Essentially, it’s the same screen as above for how your podcast is distributed in your Buy Me a Coffee account.

Once you’ve made your selections, click the “Publish” button to go live.

Publish Buy Me a Coffee Podcast

You can also select the “Schedule” button that lets you plan when you’re audio file is pushed out to your audience.

Why Add a Podcast to Buy Me a Coffee?

Podcasts are incredibly popular. In fact, it seems that almost every creator, big and small, has a podcast available somewhere. Adding a podcast to Buy Me a Coffee is just another method of sharing your content with supporters, followers, and members.

How well the audio performs for your audience depends on a lot of factors. For example, does your audience enjoy shorter or longer shows? Does your audience like to hear you interact with guests?

How good is the audio quality of your show?

For me, it’s a lot easier to record a podcast than it is to record and upload a video of the same length of time. For instance, the first podcast I shared was about 5 minutes long and took a total of 7 minutes to put together and publish.

For a video, I’m looking closer at 2 to 2.5 hours for the same, 5-minute video.

Regardless, sharing a podcast on Buy Me a Coffee could help drive additional supporters or members, depending on the type of shows you deliver.

What Apps Should You Use for the Podcast?

As podcasting is an incredibly popular form of content on the Internet, there are plenty of apps to choose from. However, I’m looking specifically for those that save files directly to your computer.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the audio file in Buy Me a Coffee. While there are a few apps that will let you download shows after uploading them, this process is a bit tedious.

It would just be quicker to record the show on your PC or Mac and then upload it immediately to BMC.

Two apps that currently pique my interest are:


One of the most common programs for creating audio files is Audacity. It’s a free, open-source program that has a lot of useful features available.

Audacity is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. When visiting the website, it should automatically begin downloading the correct version for your operating system.

While it comes with quite a few functions, you can add more as they become available.


BounceCast is a recording app that features AI assistance. While the free version could get you started, the upgrade subscription gives you access to things like automatic leveling, intelligent sound-checking, audio restoration, and more.

It is a bit expensive for those just starting out at $109.90 per year if you pay 12 months upfront. Otherwise, it’s only $10.99 per month.

According to what BounceCast provides, though, it may be worth the expense.

Ideas for Your Buy Me a Coffee Podcast

Although it’s not Spotify, your audience might like to hear a few shows from your BMC page. But if you’re going to share audio files, I suggest using recording apps such as the ones I mentioned above.

The built-in recording element for Buy Me a Coffee is extremely generic and doesn’t provide the best sound quality. While it’ll still work if you don’t have a recording app, it’s not something you’d want to stick with for the long term.

Also, make sure the correct microphone is selected in your operating system. The BMC podcast recorder will use the mic that is set as default for your computer.

A few ideas for creating your Buy Me a Coffee podcast include:

  • Upload a show in advance before putting it on YouTube or Spotify
  • A special, members-only reward for monthly subscriptions
  • A podcast to help turn followers and supporters into members (upsell your memberships!)
  • Using the podcast to upsell your blog, YouTube channel, or even a new book
  • Promote something special on your blog or YouTube channel

At the end of the day, the success of any type of content on Buy Me a Coffee depends on the type of audience you have. While some are keen to read blog posts, others are more focused on images and artwork.

However, you won’t know what your audience will like more unless you explore the different options available in BMC. Once you have an idea of what works, double down on it and give your followers, supporters, and members what they want.

Do You Listen to Podcasts?

Normally, I watch video versions of podcasts on YouTube. Although I’ll create them for Spotify and whatnot, I personally prefer the visual element.

Yet, I’m not averse to trying out a new show if something piques my interest.

How often do you listen to podcasts? Do you prefer video versions or straight audio?

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