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Pajamas or Office Attire: Dressing for Success

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There are multitudes of people out there who relish in the idea of working from home. The idea of working in their pajamas and not caring about dress codes can be quite the bonus. However, dressing for success does have it’s advantages. While it may be nice to jump out of bed and get right to work without sprucing up, there may be reasons behind throwing some clothes on that you might not realize.
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Are Pajamas Slowing You Down?

Since 2012, I’ve completed many orders for clients wearing nothing more than a pair of swimming trunks. Needless to say, my clients may be greatly offended if they saw what I looked like part of the time. There have been times when I would wear my pajamas all day. However, I found there is a profound difference in my workflow depending on what I am wearing. While it may be comfortable, it may actually be hindering your success.

Professional Mindset
When you’re wearing nothing but your pajamas, it’s easy to get into the “careless” mindset. This can directly affect the way you react to clients, the way you approach a project and how you view yourself as a freelancer. For me, I’ve found that I tend to be more carefree about my workload and slack in my efficiency. I don’t throw on a suit and tie, but I do at least get some regular clothes on. Once I dress before working at home, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my daily income. This is why I rarely work in my PJs now.

Viewing Yourself
Many people out there believe that the way you dress is a representation of how you view yourself. It’s a form of self-expression that demonstrates to everyone your moods, confidence and even self-esteem. Experts believe that if you’re more centered around comfort, you’re less caring about professionalism. And vice-versa. To some degree, I think that a lot of this could have basis in truth. For example, I usually wear shorts and either tank tops or Hawaiian shirts. Basically, I get too hot if I wear pants and I love loud colors and patterns on my shirts. According to those experts, I would be more fun loving and less professional. However, I view myself as very professional. This is demonstrated by the large number of teams and clients who I rely on for income. I have met a few people, though, that could fit into that “unprofessional” label based on their clothing.

Boosting Self-Esteem and Confidence
Self-esteem and confidence can be easily reflected by the clothing you wear. For instance, I know a lot of women who love getting dressed up to go out. Not because they are looking for a mate, but because they like to look nice or pretty. In reality, most humans do this on a subconscious level. It’s nice to exude professionalism by what you’re wearing. Not only does it impress those around you, but it also feeds into that professional mindset mentioned earlier. Your level of self-esteem and confidence can be influential in acquiring new clients and performing superior work. I’m not saying those who wear pajamas are less confident in their abilities. I am merely basing this information on personal experience and what I’ve seen from others who are freelancers like myself.

Dressing for Success

The next time you get ready to work from home, try getting dressed. You don’t have to go the whole nine yards and put on a suit or a dress. But putting on something more than your pajamas may be beneficial. Put on something that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for clients to see you in. While they may not see what you look like, you will. The purpose behind this activity is to determine if you’re one of those individuals who are influenced by attire in order to achieve greater success as a writer.

I can say with certainty that I am one of those people. Both myself and my wife have noticed a profound difference in how I approach the day based on what I am wearing. I have a more productive day, I tend to be more responsive to requests and I generally feel good about myself. And that’s the key point here: how you feel about yourself. If you don’t think you’re professional, there is a good chance you won’t be. Boosting this attribute in your mind starts with wearing the right pieces of clothing.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are plenty of professional people out there who wear pajamas all day long. However, you might be amazed by how much better you do as a freelancer if you look the part for yourself. If you notice there is no real difference, then go back to wearing what you wish. You won’t lose anything but the time it takes to throw on some clothes.

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