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Why Online Marketing Is Important for Any Writer

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Whether you’re a ghostwriter, blogger, or a novelist, success today is dependent on how you present your material. With all of the content online, it’s important that you share anything you create.

You could have an amazing poem or story to share with the world, but few will read it unless the populace knows it exists. The best part is, not all methods of marketing will cost you money. In fact, it’s possible to generate a lot of success through automated systems.

How Marketing Affects Popularity and Reputation

Building a Popular BlogThe Internet is constantly growing, which means there is a constant flow of content. If you don’t separate your site from the other millions of webpages, your best work may remain unknown. It’s this level of competition that makes marketing such an important part of maintaining even the smallest of blogs. If you want to reach any significant level of readership, you need to spend time spreading the word of your content.

Yes, Your Blog Has Competition

You don’t have to sell something in order to have online competition. In reality, you’re competing against other blogs for visitors. Every moment someone isn’t spending reading your material is one that is spent reading another site. Although you may still develop a small following of readers, you may reach a greater number of people by marketing your site.

One of my driving forces behind blogging every day is to help as many people as I can. Not to toot my own horn, but I believe I have a lot of knowledge for those who want to write from home. I enjoy helping others figure out how to accomplish these kinds of goals. As a result, I put in the effort to attract those kinds of readers. You got to admit, wouldn’t you show excitement if your blog had thousands of visitors per day?
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Making a Name for Yourself

I’ve come across a lot of blogs that resonate within me. All of the ones I currently read I found through different aspects of marketing. These bloggers and writers grabbed my attention through the way they market themselves online. As such, their names are now a part of my weekly routine of reading materials.

Without getting your name out there through marketing, you can’t expect to collect readers like myself. Because of the sheer number of websites on Google, yours could be down on a very long list. Search engines can only do so much to help you receive recognition for your work.

Although a lot of bloggers don’t really put much thought into building a strong reputation, authors might. Writing an amazing story doesn’t really mean much if you don’t have anyone to read it. It’s rare that you come across an author who says, “Gee, I hope no one reads my story today.” Any kind of marketing improves how others find your work whether it’s posted on Wattpad or on a shelf in Barnes and Noble.

In reality, the number of bloggers in the United States is expected to grow to 31.7 million before the end of 2020. Your name should be among them if you want to get noticed for your talents and expertise.

Connecting with Potential Clients

Winning ClientsUsing platforms like Textbroker and Fiverr are nice when you’re trying to find a bit of work as a ghostwriter. However, it’s the private contracts that make you the most money. There have been times when I made four times the amount of money writing for a private client without using Textbroker.

Creating a list of clients for yourself requires a degree of marketing. Customers want to know that you can deliver the content they want in a timely manner for the money they are paying you. I’ve seen professional ghostwriters use blogs, social media and direct email campaigns to fuel their freelance careers.

It’s all about exploring your potential and getting the most out of the experience. As a writer, marketing is a way to create a strong brand out of your name for those who want content.

Easy Ways to Market Yourself

Guest BloggingWhile you could spend a lot of money in marketing platforms, it’s relatively easy to get your name out there without a budget. For example, I use several free tools to promote my material as much as possible. Now, I would probably have a much greater following if I spent the money on expert services and advertisements. I’m just too poor to invest in something that grand. Here are some of the easier ways you can promote yourself as a writer on the Internet.

  • Publicize Plugin on WordPress
    Publicize is a great tool for those who blog but don’t have a lot of time to share on social media. This plugin connects to the most popular channels and updates your accounts automatically as soon as you hit the “Publish” button on your WordPress post.
  • Social Media Pages
    I’ve had a bit of luck so far using business pages on sites like Facebook. In fact, almost 9% of the visits to my health and fitness blog came from social sites last month. However, the YouTube channel works exceptionally well for generating blog traffic.
  • Blogging and Sharing Your Experiences
    Regardless of what kind of professional you are, blogging about your industry can boost your reputation. For a writer, it can open several doors while giving you an online “resume” of your abilities.
  • Contribute
    If you want to gain popularity and exposure, contributing to online communities can be very helpful. Once you start contributing to things like forums or community-minded sites, people may begin to show interest in your talents.
  • Promote Yourself with Discounts
    Tangible items are not the only things that can have a discount to drive traffic. Offering new clients an “Introductory Rate” could spark a great deal of interest. Especially if you spend a bit of money on pay-per-click campaigns to attract those clients.

Marketing Can Be For Everyone!

Don’t merely plop your work out on the Internet for everyone to see without putting effort into marketing yourself. If no one knows it’s there, you can’t expect it to drive interest. Even something as simple as showing your work on social media can make an impact in how much attention you bring to the piece. The Internet is full of ways to market yourself as a writer, and taking advantage of as many of these as you can has potential to vastly increase your success.

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