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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is true in just about anything in life. What one person deems magnificent, another may view it as trash. When it comes to writing content, the trick is get the majority to view your material as beauty. It’s safe to assume that you’ll never please 100% of the people 100% of the time. The most you can hope for is to improve upon yourself while engaging those you’re writing for.

Making Content Glimmer Among a Vast Sea of Websites

There is a great deal of competition on the Internet spanning nearly every niche you can imagine. While a large portion of these sites are rarely active, there are many that put in daily efforts to drive traffic. If you want to surpass some of these sites, you need to create a shining example of success in every piece you create.

Grammar, Spelling and Professionalism

Content WritingOne of the most important steps to creating superb content is having a firm grasp of the language in which you’re writing. This doesn’t mean you have to open your thesaurus and use really big words. In fact, many experts advise you keep the text at around an 8th-grade reading level. This is where tools such as the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Assessment come into play.

Personally, I use Yoast to help me keep the reading level of my content down. Because of tools such as this, I’ve noticed pieces receiving far more visits while showing a higher duration of time spent on the webpage. So, keeping the text easy to read is beneficial.

This is important if you’re targeting a wider scope of people. Obviously if you’re writing a thesis or scientific study, your content is going to be much more advanced. However, a blog like this one is better suited to engage more visitors while improving how people understand the material. My focus is more of the average Joe or Juliet who uses the Internet.

Learning to write in a professional tone also helps you look like an expert. Some studies suggest how people are more likely to trust content written with that professional edge. Even if the material is completely false, it’s the polishing of the content that makes people believe. I’m not saying you should go out and purposely fool people. But looking the part of an expert boosts your online reputation.
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Delivering Valuable Information

eBook WritingThe majority of people who read content on the Internet are looking for valuable information. Whether it’s recipes for chicken or learning how to work from home, visitors need to walk away feeling fulfilled. This is especially true considering how easy it is to find any content on the Internet. Giving your readers what they want can turn occasional visitors into followers.

It’s always a good idea to research your material fully. Even if you know the topic well, things can quickly change. For example, those who follow technology are constantly learning more simply because it changes so rapidly. By improving your own knowledge, you can create much better content while providing current facts.

Always validate your information before you share it with the masses. The last thing you want is for your audience to think you’re spreading lies. It can be easy to spread misinformation, especially since there is so much of it online. And why do many people believe certain things are true on the Internet? Because they are often written well.

Offer a Unique Perspective

Because there are so many websites covering so many topics online, it can be hard to offer a unique perspective. In this case, the best you can do is whip a little of your own personality in how you write. Unfortunately, this can be also hard if you’re dealing with clients as a ghostwriter.

The point here is to make your content stand out from the others on the Internet. Putting something unique within the topic can help this process. Here are a few ideas that may boost your visitor rate on pages:

  • Offer personal experiences
    Adding a few personal experiences can help separate your content. However, you don’t want your piece to be too opinionated, unless that is what you’re aiming for.
  • Go deeper into the topic
    One of the best ways to deliver a unique perspective is to go deeper into the topic. Take a look at your competition and think about what you would add to make it better.
  • Use creativity to get the point across
    There’s nothing wrong with taking a creative approach to writing content. For instance, you could write about how social marketing is similar to automobile repair. I once compared boating to website design throughout an entire article, which the client loved.

Longer, but Not Fluffier

Non-Fiction Creative IdeasAccording to data collected by Medium, the ideal length for a blog post is 1600 words. This is roughly seven minutes of reading time for the average Internet user. If your content is falling below this line, you may want to stretch it out. This makes the material more likely to be engaging for the reader while improving shares on social media.

The problem with creating longer content is making sure you’re not just filling it with “fluff.” This is when you’re simple adding words just to hit the desired number. Not only does fluff look terrible on a website, but it can actually hurt your search engine ranking as well as your reputation. This is especially true if you’re filling the post with irrelevant material.

What can you do to make a post longer without the fluff?
I believe that any topic can be expanded on. It’s all about how much information you add and how deep you go into the content. Here are a few ways that may help you stretch your content out further.

  • Adding relevant bullet lists
    Like this one. Not only am I telling you how “fluff” is bad, but I’m offering short snippets of how to avoid it.
  • Adding addition detail
    Much like offering a unique perspective, going into further detail can help visitors as well as your page’s statistics.
  • Adding useful tidbits of information
    For example, adding how to avoid a dry turkey may boost the interaction of a Thanksgiving recipe. Go beyond your topic, but stay connected to it.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to not force the subject. If you can’t truly think of anything else to write or find additional information relevant to your post, then it’s best to end it. When you try to add more material that doesn’t make sense to the topic, it confuses your readers. Don’t try to cram everything you can into a single post.

If you think of something to add at a later date, why not create a second post to support the first and link them together?

Don’t Forget to Share

online websiteIt’s funny how most of us were raised to “share” our toys with others. The same goes with writing whether it’s a blog post, business article or your published novel. Social media plays such an integral part in society today that it’s almost a requirement to use if you want to grow an audience. This is one of the reasons why almost every current website has some kind of a social share button on each page.

Most community websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are free to use. Thanks to easy-to-use sharing tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, you can blast your content on the most popular of platforms in a matter of seconds. This makes sure your content is accessible by a relatively large audience in a very short amount of time.

This website uses Jetpack’s “Publicize” tool to share its content. As soon as I hit the publish button in WordPress, it instantly updates all four of my primary social accounts. I don’t have to do anything extra. It’s automated services like these that make sharing simplistic and quick.

Because so many people access social media on a daily basis, keeping your accounts updated helps your site shine. Although using good optimization practices can help your site in search engines, the social element can bring visitors simply from your headline. And many people have experienced more visitors to their pages by keeping active on those sites.

Take Your Time and Do It Right

Speaking from personal experience, it seems the material I take the most time to write are the pages that tend to perform better than the others. Whether this is from the extensive research I do, the amount of information I provide or just hitting the right topic, taking the time to do it right seems to pay off.

Followers SnippetYou don’t want to rush something that has potential to garner a great deal of attention. Blogs and creative pieces alike are often more engaging when you take a moment to arrange your thoughts. It gives you time to put the information into a logical sense making it easier for people to absorb. Begin rushed can lead to mistakes ranging from grammatical errors to sentences being confusing to read.

When you’re a ghostwriter such as myself, your pay is measured by productivity. Although you may make more money by writing faster, it’s easier to keep loyal clients when you slow down and create something amazing. A lot of my past clients offered bonuses because the piece they ordered was beyond their expectations.

Provide the Best Content Possible

When it comes to driving traffic or engaging readers through your novel, it’s all about delivering your best possible work. You don’t have to be a college graduate to create content that is amazing to an audience. By being informative and articulate, your material can easily twinkle within the black sky of the Internet. Be unique and keep your reader’s best interest in mind when writing.

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