Writing Journal


I often write about things that are relatable to writing but don’t really fit any one of my primary categories. As a result, I use the Journal category to share those bits of information. Especially if it’s about a topic that can fit virtually anywhere.

Not to mention that sometimes I’ll just write about what’s on my mind regarding books, blogs, and freelancing.

For example, here are the most recent posts I’ve published in the Journal category:

  • Moving to More Self-Publishing and Blogging Content
    Over the years, I’ve helped a lot of people further understand Textbroker and content mills. In reality, Textbroker is what gave me my start as a content creator. However, it’s time to evolve and grow.
  • Do You Have Writing Goals for July? Here’s What I’m Doing
    If I would have paid more attention to the date, I would have come up with a “Summer of Writing” challenge. Eh, it happens. So, we’re just going to keep it simple and set some writing goals for July.
  • Jetpack Publicize No Longer Supports Twitter, Now What?
    For the longest time, I’ve been using the Publicize tool in Jetpack to share blog posts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, Jetpack no longer supports Twitter connections. I guess it’s time to auto-share another way.
  • Reworking the Tags of 771 Posts and Why the Pivot
    Recently, I decided to pivot the content on WriterSanctuary to highlight the platforms that are most vital. Part of this was because the Textbroker content took a nosedive. And I’d love to know what topics I generally cover most.
  • The Second Draft of My Book is Done, Now What?
    This week, I finished the second draft of my book and sent it off to the beta readers. While I wait for feedback, I need something to do with my scheduled blocks of writing time. So, what projects are on my radar?
  • 7 Reasons Why I’ll NEVER Use AI-Generated Content
    Since the beginning of 2023, AI-generated content has swept across the Internet like some kind of digital wildfire. And although it may be helpful to some, I refuse to dive into the abyss that is artificial intelligence. But it’s not because I’m old and hate anything new.
  • Did I Finally Fix the YouTube Problem for WordPress?
    I often integrate YouTube videos with the blog posts. That way, visitors can either read or watch the content covering certain topics. However, I stopped getting credit from YouTube for views and watch time from the blog. Did I finally fix this problem?

Not every piece of content you create for a blog needs to focus intently on SEO. Sometimes, just sharing your journey with others is enough to inspire and motivate the audience. And sometimes, you gain followers or subscribers.