Writing Journal


I often write about things that are relatable to writing but don’t really fit any one of my primary categories. As a result, I use the Journal category to share those bits of information. Especially if it’s about a topic that can fit virtually anywhere.

Not to mention that sometimes I’ll just write about what’s on my mind regarding books, blogs, and freelancing.

For example, here are the most recent posts I’ve published in the Journal category:

  • An Evening with Christina Wallace on After Hours
    On Monday, April 22nd, Christina Wallace will join me on After Hours. She specializes in books for children as well as young adults and has a few books available on Amazon, Nook, and other platforms.
  • Planning a New Series for Self-Publishing My Next Book
    As I near the completion of the first draft for Shadows of Atlantic City, I’ve decided to set up a new series for self-publishing the book. It’ll be similar to the series when I published A Freelancer’s Tale, but hopefully a bit more detailed.
  • Adding Permanent Writing Sprint Videos on YouTube?
    Recently, I decided to add writing sprint videos to the WriterSanctuary YouTube channel. They are as much to help motivate others to write as they are to help me with accountability. And so far, they are turning out to be a nice surprise.
  • Another Evening with Laura E. Thompson on After Hours
    With her new book coming out on April 6th, I’m having Laura E. Thompson on After Hours again talk about how non-fiction events can influence fictional works. In this case, it’s about dealing with epilepsy and how it affects children.
  • Should You Pay to Be a Guest on Someone’s Podcast?
    Being a guest on a podcast has the potential to get your name or brand out to a larger audience. The idea is that it could lead to greater income for you or at least bring awareness. But should you pay for the privilege of accessing someone else’s audience?
  • What Are Writing Sprints and Why You Should Use Them
    Having trouble getting motivated to write? Perhaps you don’t think you have the time available. Maybe you’re stuck with writer’s block and can’t move forward. In any case, writing sprints are proven to be beneficial for authors.
  • Building Self-Confidence: Taking Those First Steps to Greatness
    Many writers, bloggers, and freelancers have a lack of self-confidence in the beginning. This can lead to missing opportunities or not putting in sufficient effort to succeed. What can you do to raise your opinion of yourself?

Not every piece of content you create for a blog needs to focus intently on SEO. Sometimes, just sharing your journey with others is enough to inspire and motivate the audience. And sometimes, you gain followers or subscribers.