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Is it Possible to Make $100 Per Day on Textbroker? 2023 Update

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Can you make $100 per day using Textbroker? The short answer is yes, but there’s a caveat. Don’t expect to sign up and start raking in the dough. In fact, there are a lot of things that play into how much you’ll actually make.

And I’m not just talking about typing fast or knowing how to spell. While these two things are important to help you make $100 per day on Textbroker, there is so much more involved.

If you’re wondering whether Textbroker is a good writing system, it’s how I began my career. If it wasn’t for Textbroker, I literally wouldn’t be where I am today.


How Do You Make $100 Per Day on TextBroker?

It’s not impossible to start generating a lot of income immediately from Textbroker. But, I have yet to meet anyone who did so in the beginning.

In fact, it took me more than a year to reach this kind of payout. But a lot of that was due to the fact I was holding down a regular full-time job at the same time.

Just bear in mind that no one can guarantee that you’ll make a certain amount of money from any content mill. However, I can break down the biggest things that affected how I make money online.

Things that will affect how Textbroker pays include:

  1. Your own effort
  2. Available orders
  3. Rate of pay
  4. Bonuses and milestones
  5. Knowledge of the Topic
  6. Writing skills
  7. Limiting distractions
  8. Setting up positive habits

Once you get a handle on all these elements, you could surely make a decent living as you work from home.

1. Your Own Effort

First and foremost, the amount of effort you put into any method is going to affect how successful you are. If you really want to make money online using Textbroker, you need to put in the time to write content.

To make $100 per day using Textbroker, you would need to write just under 9,100 words per day at level 3. If you’re level 4, you would need at least 6,250.

That’s an awful lot of writing!

However, getting on some good teams and getting Direct Order clients will make this much easier. You can control how much you charge in Direct Orders while teams often pay more than the base for your level.

For instance, I belong to several 4-star teams in Textbroker that pay well over 1.7 cents per word. This might not sound like a lot, but it’s the difference between $14 and $17 for a 1,000-word article back in the day.

In most instances, it increased my hourly average by more than $3.

My point is that you need to push yourself to make $100 per day or more. I know it’s possible because I would do it on a regular basis.

2. Available Orders

The next biggest thing that will influence how much you make on Textbroker is the amount of actual work.

When I started, it was common for level 3 open orders to have no jobs available for long periods of time. That’s why I diversified myself and added other content mills to my daily routine.

However, the content has steadily increased over time. Though, there are still days and weeks where it seems like the writing pool is pretty dry. That’s why it’s important to focus on Direct Order clients and Teams. They can keep you writing when the open pool is dry.

Of course, I’m also a 4-star author, which seems to be what most clients want.

Just beware of the lulls that can happen when you’re first starting as a ghostwriter on Textbroker.

3. Rate of Pay

Textbroker has a variety of ways that pay authors. It’s not common that you’ll simply stick to just one type of workload. And the different things you do will affect how much money you make.

Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

  • 4-Star Level Open Orders pay $0.016 per word.
  • Teams will offer different amounts depending on the client. Most will pay more than your current level. I’ve worked on teams that paid as high as $0.05 per word.
  • You control how much clients pay per word through direct orders. I have mine set well above $0.03 per word.

The best way to tell if you can sustain yourself and make $100 per day is to take an average of your income over the span of a couple of months.

For example, I record everything I do throughout every day that I work. Then, I figure an average income based on the amount of money I make over the span of a couple of months.

This gives me an average income including days when the workload might be low. The longer you record data, the more accurate the results.

4. Are You Counting Bonuses and Reward Milestones?

Textbroker released a bonus program for authors who hit certain milestones. So, the more you write, the more you can earn. This comes in the form of cash incentives, trips, and other tangible rewards.

Though, I am kind of upset that Textbroker released these long after my prime. I could have made so much more money and perhaps taken a trip or two to Las Vegas.

Anyway, I would count the bonuses and milestone rewards if you’re trying to determine if you can maintain $100 per day from Textbroker. This is why I always have a spreadsheet available to track my progress.

It’s a great way to see how much I average throughout the year. Adding bonuses would then average across how much I actually make per day, week, or month.

5. Knowledge of the Topic

The more knowledgeable you are on any given topic, the easier it is to write. This affects everything from typing speed to proofreading. It also reduces the time you spend researching a topic.

Research is still vastly important as it helps you write accurate and current information for clients. However, having a strong grasp just makes the entire process much easier.

Case in point, I find it incredibly easier to write about Internet, WordPress, and marketing topics. These are areas that interest me and what I currently am the most fluent. This means I can write content faster while spending less time on Google.

That’s because I keep up with daily research anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with tackling a subject you don’t know. I encourage it. But just keep in mind the more you know, the faster you write. The faster you write, the more jobs you complete.

And that results in how you can make $100 per day on Textbroker.

6. Writing Skills

Being able to type fast is only part of being a freelance writer for TextBroker. You also need to worry about grammar and correct spelling. Making corrections and alterations can cut into the time it takes to complete an order.

However, these abilities can quickly develop over a short amount of time if you work on several orders per day. Having your own side projects, such as a blog, may be beneficial as well.

Writing is just like any other skill. And if you want to keep proficient, you need to put in some practice. Speed matters when it comes to making money online as a writer.

For instance, someone who types 70 words per minute is going to make more money on Textbroker than someone who can finger-peck at 20.

Content mills are all about production. And the faster typists often consistently make the most money.

Now I’m not saying you need to be able to type as fast as I do. But keep in mind that the clock is ticking while you write.

7. Limiting Your Distractions

One of the most important aspects to make $100 per day on Textbroker is limiting distractions. It’s easy to get sidetracked when working from home.

Every second you’re not typing is one you’re not getting paid.

I’ve had days where I would get sucked into YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or loading up some of my favorite games instead of typing. And this diminished how much I was paid each week.

Keep yourself focused on what needs to be done. Don’t let your mind wander.

It will affect your Textbroker pay.

How I Would Handle My Workday

Here are the steps I take throughout a typical day of writing for content mills:

  1. Start at 8am. I like to keep a regular work schedule. It helps keep me in a professional mindset.
  2. Pick up my first order and work on it until it’s done. It doesn’t matter if the client has a three-day window to turn in the project. Get it done as quickly as possible impresses the client.
  3. Pick up another order as soon as I am done with the last. Remember, it’s all about productivity if you want to make $100 per day on Textbroker.
  4. Taking breaks is OK. Every 90 to 120 minutes or so, I’ll take a break and walk around. This gives me a chance to clear my head and stretch my legs.
  5. Continue writing like this for eight hours or until I meet a personal goal.

Of course, I’ll take a 30-minute lunch break for myself midway through the day.

Getting the order done as quickly as possible opens the doors for the client to send more work. He or she may be comfortable paying your Direct Order price, which helps you make more money.

This is because most clients want their jobs done in a timely fashion. Even those who don’t expect an article back in three days may contact you directly if you’re speedy.

In fact, I had a semi-regular client who was impressed with my turnaround and kept sending Direct Order work. That was until the client’s company decided to go with an in-house writer.

It happens.

8. Develop Positive and Healthy Habits

One of the greatest things that helped me become a success while using content mills is developing healthy habits as a writer. This is everything from finding the best time for yourself to write to actually working on your health and fitness.

A lot of people gloss over the fact that as a writer, your brain is the most important organ in your body. Much like a football player relies on leg muscles to run, we rely on our brains to process and format information.

Health and fitness impact how your brain will function. How long you sleep, the types of foods you eat, how active you are, and finding ways to relax all improve brain power.

Speaking from experience, I know that my writing abilities improved greatly once I started focusing on my general health. Not to mention being able to take breaks at regular intervals to help me unwind and destress.

My point here is that developing positive habits can help you keep writing content for clients regardless of the content mill. And the more you can write on Textbroker, the more money you’ll make.

Teams and Direct Orders to Make $100 Per Day

The two biggest elements that helped me make a lot of money on Textbroker were getting on as many teams as possible while growing my list of Direct Order clients.

In fact, I’ve made more money from teams and direct orders than I ever did from the open pool.

There were plenty of times when the open pool of orders would be dry but then a team would drop several thousand. Of course, those orders were eaten up pretty quickly due to the sheer number of writers who were on that team.

Some of the teams would pay less than the open pool per word. However, the trade-off was that they were super easy to write. There were plenty of times when I would average more than $28 per hour writing those short, easy pieces.

I had plenty of days when I would hit more than $60 before I even had lunch. I’ve had plenty of direct-order clients who would send a bulk of orders first thing in the morning…every morning.

So, try to focus more on team orders and try to get your own direct-order clients. It’ll greatly contribute to making $100 per day and up.

Don’t Expect $100 Per Day Immediately

If you’re new to writing, don’t be discouraged if it takes you a few months in order to build a client base that can keep you working. Provide the highest quality you can for every order you complete.

Opportunities will develop that can keep you writing the entire day if you like.

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