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Improving Fitness as a Freelance Writer from Home

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I’ve mentioned before how physical fitness can improve your lifestyle as a freelance writer. Not only does it prevent you from becoming obese sitting at your desk all day, but it can improve the quality of your work by improving the quality of your concentration. Yes – physical fitness does as much for your brain and cognitive abilities as it does for weight control. I wanted to delve more into how you can accomplish this by using various free sites and apps that are available for improving fitness. Using these systems can improve your outlook on life.

What Can You Do for Improving Fitness as a Freelancer

Freelancers that work from home in general don’t usually have the opportunities to get much physical activity. Whether they are ghostwriters like myself, graphic designers or web developers, a large portion of time is spent in the office chair. In a previous article, I explained how even 10 to 20 minutes per day could make a vast improvement. Those words still hold true today. To improve your level of fitness, you could:

  • Signup with RunKeeper
  • Signup with MyFitnessPal
  • Schedule Two 15 Minute Workouts Per Day
  • Set Your Status to Public
  • Invite Peers for Friendly Competition

Signup with RunKeeper
The RunKeeper app is a free calorie and fitness monitoring system that uses GPS coordinates to track your movement. Whether you like to walk, run, bicycle or swim, the app is loaded with activities and tracks time as well as calories lost. For instance, I completed a 15 minute bike ride for 2.48 miles and burnt 155 calories. In the past week and a half, I have lost nearly seven pounds between RunKeeper and monitoring my nutrition. It’s one of my favorite tools for improving fitness.

RunKeeper synchronizes its data with a variety of systems including MyFitnessPal. Activity and nutrition can be shared across both systems to give you an outlook of your activity during any particular day.

Signup with MyFitnessPal
If you need help monitoring what you eat, MyFitnessPal is a great app to use and encourages social interaction. Upon setting my information within the website, I found that I was eating way more calories as a freelance writing that sits at his desk 10 hours per day. I am only supposed to have 1770 according to my body type. Since I have been using the system, I haven’t been starving and I have had great noticeable success. It’s all about portion control and finding the best foods to meet your personal goals.

MyFitnessPal will also link up with RunKeeper and record the calories you lost exercising which can increase your calorie allotment per day. However, your goal should be to keep your calories in the green and be under your goal once you finish your activity each night.

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