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Importance of Diversity In Freelance Writing

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If you’ve been to the site before, you know that I am an avid supporter of Textbroker. This is because the company has helped me make a lot of money over the years. However, it’s not my only method for generating a revenue stream. Putting diversity into your freelance career can be very beneficial, especially if you chose to work from home full-time. The last thing you want is the well to dry up before you’re able to pay the bills.

Why You Should Add Diversity as a Writer

When most people start out as a ghostwriter, like myself, they tend to feel safe using a single platform for work and a specific niche. For me, it was using Textbroker every day and only working on computer and Internet orders. At the time, I was an IT technician for the school district. Here it is, four and a half years later, and I’ve got profiles on several sites and have completed jobs for a wide range of industries. Here is why it’s important to break out of your shell as a writer.

More Job Opportunities
The biggest reason why I started looking around at other websites and platforms was because I wanted to quit my full-time job and write from home. On average, I made almost twice the amount of my regular job per hour – but the writing wasn’t consistent. By having a more diverse collection of paying websites to visit, I could almost guarantee that I would work non-stop all day. Although it took me a little over a year to establish this, the end result was worth the effort. I now have potential to make a great deal of money throughout the entire day.

Finding Your Cup of Tea
Not everyone loves the same websites when it comes to working as a freelance professional. For me, I am quite happy with Textbroker. Others are more partial to Fiverr. By adding diversity to the platforms you use, you’ll find those sites that are more profitable for your specific situation. It’s all about what makes you comfortable as a writer and enjoying the experience. If you write for a company you hate, your work will suffer and you won’t have the same professional attitude to keep yourself successful.

Finding Different Clients
Some clients are more fun to work with than others. Not all clients will use the same system for jobs. By adding diversity, you can connect with a much broader scope of those individuals and companies that are more engaging. For example, I had a client on Fiverr.com that sent me work as fast as I could write it. He was an easy person to please and was very satisfied with my work. Although I didn’t make as much per hour as I would have on Textbroker, it was still a pleasure to work with him for the five months he needed me.

Exploring Your Interests
Like I mentioned above, I started out writing only computer and Internet-based articles for clients. Once I started exploring the other industries, I found I have a knack for business, travel and health-related articles as well. This just goes to show that you never really truly understand what you’re capable of until you try something new. Case in point, I am currently working on fiction. Perhaps I’ll have the same level of success as a novelist as I have as a ghostwriter. You’ll never know until you try. Keep in mind, you’ll fail with 100 percent certainty in the things you don’t put an effort into.

How to Diversify Your Abilities

Adding diversity to your daily routine is actually quite easy to do. All it really takes in most cases is effort and motivation to continue. You can’t expect to become an expert on your first attempt. Try these methods to start developing yourself as an online professional:

  • Signup With Various Sites
    Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. I have profiles at a few different writing sites just so that I can keep working throughout the day. There are a lot more that I haven’t quite explored, but they’re out there. Sign up with every legitimate freelance site you can find and work at the ones that constantly provide work.
  • Explore Topics
    Like I said earlier, you never know what you can write until you explore it. It’s OK to stay in your comfort zone until you get the hang of what you’re doing. However, you’ll want to explore other industries if you want to keep working. Some days, your preferred niche could dry up while another is inundated with orders.
  • Learn and Expand
    Read the work of other online writers. Learn from what they have created and what makes them successful. This can help you expand your own abilities and hone your skills. Life is all about learning and developing yourself.
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