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How Well Do You Commit to Your Decisions?

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Having follow-through is something that I have a problem with. It’s something I need to work on if I want to build any kind of success for myself. Too many times have I tried to commit to a decision only to forget about it or find ways to avoid it. And this is really no way to live. How often have you procrastinated or simply decided not to do something that you really wanted?

Consequences and Benefits When You Commit

Guest BloggingMaking a decision is relatively easy. Many people can do this without really putting much thought into the process. However, it’s being able to commit to that decision that winds up causing issues. In their minds, they either focus on the positive or negative instead of weighing both.

Take me, for example. I recently made a huge decision in my life. I began with weighing all options and scenarios. Now, I am committed because I believe with all my heart that this is the right thing to do. It doesn’t mean that I will succeed, but it doesn’t mean I will fail either.
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Focusing on the Negative

One major problem that a lot of people have when making decisions is how they focus on the negative. At least, I had that problem quite a bit in the past. It’s when you dwell on something negative of your decision to the point when you can’t see the positive. As a result, you begin to doubt yourself and your ability to pull yourself up.

It’s really OK to think about the negative aspects of your decisions. Just don’t commit to focusing all of your attention on those circumstances. By purely focusing on the bad, you’re going to influence your confidence and may even put yourself into a panic attack.

Focusing on the Positive

Sometimes you can get swept up in the moment and all you can focus on is the good of a decision. While it may make you feel positive about the situation, it also takes away from really analyzing what you are doing. Focusing too much on the good doesn’t prepare you for the bad.

I’m not saying that all decisions that make you feel good will lead to disaster. However, you may still want to prepare yourself in the event things don’t really go your way. It’s all about keeping balance when you commit to a decision.

Keeping the Balance

Losing a ClientIf you think about it, there are two sides to every decision regardless of how insignificant you may think they are. For example, making the decision to eat a certain snack to make you happy could also come with the consequence of increasing your calorie intake.

The hardest part is finding that balance and making sure you’re able to weigh your options in a logical sense. Sometimes that means picking the lesser of two evils. This is something I struggle with often. It’s also something I am willing to work on in order to improve myself.

Finishing Your Projects

From the perspective of a writer, failure to commit to decisions will definitely influence your success. Take me, for example. I would love to be a published author. However, I won’t be unless I actually finish a project. I often have time to put into anything I wish, but I lack motivation and self-confidence.

It can be difficult to follow through with something when your world is squeezing you. What we need to realize is that nothing is going to get done unless we sit down and finish the project, no matter how difficult things get.

For example, I have been toying with the idea of finishing my Wattpad novel of, “VII.” It will never get done if I don’t commit to that decision. And there lies the difficult part for me…committing. I need to develop follow-through if I want to achieve the success I truly want to experience.

Breaking Cycles

positive successOne of the reasons why I am in such turmoil right now is because I have been stuck in a cycle for many years. My tires are spinning and I am gaining no traction. Now, I have an opportunity to break free from those cycles and begin rebuilding who I am and what I can do.

Breaking free from certain situations can be extremely difficult. This is especially true if you’ve grown complacent in your surroundings or found a comfort zone. Now, being comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. In fact, you could find that comfort can easily coincide with misery.

If you find yourself in a place where you don’t have to worry about success or failure, you’ll never really understand your potential. No matter how hard it will be to break yourself free from these chains, it needs to be done.

It may be scary. It may cause you a great deal of stress. But analyze the place where you are now. Is it truly what makes you happy? Or have you tried to convince yourself that it’s not all bad and that you can handle the situation? Being comfortable in your surroundings and lifestyle may be influencing your decisions in the long run.

Building Confidence In Yourself

waking up to workWhile I might not be the best person to preach about confidence, I can surely point out how finishing a project can be beneficial. For instance, I was quite proud when I completed, “Predator and Prey” on Wattpad. Unfortunately, my lifestyle was sucking me back in and I fell back into my rut.

If I was to commit to my decision to finish the things that I start, I have no doubt I would begin to feel better about myself. And I have no doubt that there are millions of other people around the world who may experience the same thing.

Without confidence, it can be difficult to achieve greater levels of success whether you’re a writer or a construction worker. Why should we be complacent in our surroundings? Everyone has potential to be more than they are, so why not you?

Being lofty about decisions will make it more difficult to achieve your dreams. Take the good with the bad every time you commit to a decision. Keep the balance and learn from mistakes. This is what will make you a better person.

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