How to Use Wattpad to Improve Your Writing

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Wattpad on this site several times as a method to help you develop yourself as a writer. I would like to go into a bit more detail as to how this site can benefit you in the long run. It can be so much more than just a place where you can read free eBooks.

Discovering Your Niche

There are many writers out there that haven’t really decided on what kind of a niche or genre they want to be a part of. Some are drawn to writing science-fiction while others are more prone to success by writing tech manuals or political overviews. If you are one of those individuals that are “on the fence,” then Wattpad.com could help you discover which niche you are more successful in.

Abundance of Categories
Wattpad covers just about every legitimate genre you can think of. When creating your story, you can choose to be included into any one of them. Even if you enjoy writing “How-To” eBooks, nearly all content is welcome. You just need to decide where to start.

Abundance of Readers
Wattpad is filled with hundreds of thousands of readers that scour the site regularly looking for something new to read. Whether these people have favorite authors or read a compelling short story out of curiosity, your work has an incredible chance of being discovered.

Starting Small
One of the more alluring aspects to using Wattpad to develop your skills is that you don’t need to submit an entire novel in order for others to enjoy your work. You can essentially test the waters of the site by submitting different short stories across various genres in order to determine if you enjoy the process or not. You could then embellish on that short story and keep adding to it if your target audience enjoys the material. You could even submit a single page of content at a time.

Making the Most Out of Your Wattpad Experience

Wattpad has potential to provide you with a great deal of experience as a writer. As long as your able to take criticism constructively on the website, you can learn quite a bit about your style of writing as well as how your target audience engages your content. You can expand on your experiences by:

  • submitting your work
  • analyze critiques from your readers
  • spend some quality time in the community area
  • read popular works by others
  • utilize the message board in your profile

How do you know if you’ll be successful if you’re afraid to submit your work? I’ve read single-page short stories that had quite an impact from Wattpad readers. You’ll never know your potential unless you try. The website makes it incredibly easy to publish your work, and all of it is free to use.

Analyzing Critiques
For the most part, readers of content on the site will provide constructive criticism without adding a negative flare. Find a common pattern in how readers react to your material. It can help you build skills to become more successful the next time you develop content. Listen to the fans – you can learn quite a bit about how you can improve yourself as an author.

Quality Community Time
The community is full of clubs and interaction between authors and readers alike. Find a club or two that you’d enjoy belonging to and be active with those individuals. You can learn quite a bit from other writers and readers.

Reading More
Although you want to develop your own skills and styles to separate yourself as an author, reading additional work by others can help you get ideas about how to improve. Pay attention to character and plot developments and see how popular authors tell a story.

Profile Message Board
Your Wattpad account can be connected to your Facebook profile. This can be a great marketing tool in order to encourage followers to interact with either account. By regularly updating and sharing posts regarding your stories, you can build a greater fan-base of more than just friends and family.

Wattpad can be your stepping stone to develop and hone your skills as an author before you look for self-publishing methods or publishing houses. It can also help you build a fan-base before you put your eBook on the market which could help the immediate sales once it’s published. Build on your talents and learn what you can about your target audience – they are, after all, the ones that could be buying your actual novel later on.

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