How to Use Quora to Develop and Promote Your Blog

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Quora is a question-and-answer site many people visit who need information. They’ll ask their questions in hopes of getting a legitimate and honest response. While it’s good for getting answers to your questions, it’s also a good way to enhance your own blog.

All it takes is giving the time to help visitors whether it’s directly or indirectly.

Let me show you what I mean.
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Using Quora to Accentuate the Blog

The website is a great place to generate a bit of traffic. What is the most beneficial about these visitors is the level of quality. Because they are visiting based on an answer to a question you provide, they are already interested in the content.

This means they are often more likely to follow your blog and come back to the site at a later date.

Many of those who ask questions on Quora are essentially your target audience. Because each group of questions are centralized within categories, it’s much easier to engage a specific niche of visitors.

For example, you would be wise to answer questions often in the fitness category if you operate a fitness blog.

Here are a few ways to use the site to boost the allure of your blog.

Boosting Your Reputation

The primary reason why people visit the Quora website is to find answers to highly specific questions. When you deliver a factual response, your viewed in a more positive light. Essentially, the more people engage and upvote your answers, the more visible you are to the masses.

Filling out your profile completely is beneficial when delivering solid answers. People are often interested in learning more about you, and this gives you an opportunity to promote yourself and the site.

It’s all about building a good reputation and seen as an expert. The more valuable your response, the greater your reputation becomes in your niche or field. If you provide exceptional details, people will seek you out specifically for answers.

Quora will also send messages asking if you could answer specific questions that appear in the system.

Promoting Your Blog through Links

Link To Site

When answering a question, don’t forget to link back to your blog. Of course you want the link to be relevant to the answer. Otherwise, people will see you as a negative element on the question-and-answer website.

For example, I’ll answer a specific question and link back to my own blog to support the claim. Think of it as a type of “for more information” link. You don’t want to use those exact words, but your link anchor should imply it.

I’ve generated a bit of traffic from Quora over the past few months. The more active I am on the site, the more inbound visitors I generate. Unfortunately, I often don’t have the time to put into promoting and answering questions.

Answering questions and providing links is merely a social media marketing tactic that works well on Quora. You’re providing information, which helps the person, while giving them a link to learn more. It’s not much different from using Twitter or Facebook for the same purpose.

If I had more time, though, it’s definitely a process I would dive into more often.

Getting Ideas for Blog Posts

The biggest reason why I personally use Quora is to get ideas about future blog posts. This practice is a bit of a hit or miss in some cases. While it’s true that one person has asked the question, it doesn’t mean the topic has a large number of people looking for the same.

For instance, let’s say someone asked a certain question in Quora and you wrote a blog post in response. But what if that person is the only one looking for the answer? It could mean your blog post will see very little traffic from search engines.

On the other hand, the question has potential as something prolific which helps boost the visitor rate of your site exponentially. Overall, I think it’s still a good way to engage an audience large or small.

At any rate, it gives you content for the site which helps Google’s search bot understand what your blog is about.

Getting More Followers

Answer Requests

Like any social media platform, Quora allows users to collect followers. The more you have, the more influence you can deliver on the platform. Of course this takes a bit of effort. No one wants to follow someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

In this regard, followers on Quora are more focused. These are often people who like your answers and wish to see more content from you. As a result, the quality of potential visitors is much higher than the random people you may come across on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

How Do I Get More Quora Followers?

The best Quora strategy to get more followers consists of two elements: frequency and quality. It doesn’t work as well as Twitter or Twitch in terms of getting follows-for-follows. People are more picky on the answer site.

Answer Often

Like any other social hub, visibility matters when creating a following. No one will follow you if they don’t know you’re out there. Provide help as often as possible. Even if someone else provides a more definitive answer, your response may still get noticed by the masses.

Deliver Quality

People often follow experts they know will provide high-quality information. It’s a similar method to getting more readers on your blog. Answer questions with the easy to read information. Readers should click away from your response having learned something new.

Cite sources when possible, including your own blog posts. In a world of “fake news,” you want to make sure you’re separated from that group. Part of doing this is supporting your claims with proven or scientific data.

Getting the Most Out of Quora

From getting ideas about blog posts to getting traffic, Quora is a great place to frequent. This is especially true for new bloggers who are trying to get their site out into the cyber world. By helping others, you help yourself as well.

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