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How to Make $25,000 per Year on

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Once you commit to producing content on, the income you make will be measured by your own determination and motivation to complete work. No one can guarantee that you’ll make a certain dollar amount per year, but I can tell you how much I can make according to my own statistics. Your own capabilities will provide you with a unique experience when making money as a freelance ghostwriter. Don’t assume that you’ll make as much as I do. You could make far more or less according to your skills.
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What’s Involved in Making $25,000 Per Year?

When you break down $25,000 per year, it comes out to be $480.77 per week that you’ll need to earn. You can then break this down by 40 hours, which is the common full time work week, into $12.02 per hour. One you establish your skills on TextBroker, this amount may be easy to accomplish. For myself, it’s only just over six hours per day that I need to spend working on client orders. In order to achieve the capability of making this much money, there are a few key points you need to address:

  • Dedicate the time to write for clients
  • Keep motivate to continue working each day
  • Continuous development of your skills
  • Establish good communication with all of your clients
  • Keep your profile filled and current
  • Don’t rush through an order to meet your goals
  • Don’t assume that you’ll make $25,000 per year as a new writer

Dedicating the Time to Write
As a freelance ghostwriter, you have the capacity to make your own work schedule. It is vital that you adhere to this schedule for it will help you keep in a professional state of mind. If you work better in the mornings, then schedule your time around that period. If you write better at night, then that’s OK, too. Just try not to waiver in your scheduling and keep the professional atmosphere.

In order to make $480.77 per week, I personally need to put in 6.02 hours worth of actual work each day. This may not sound like a lot until you take into consideration that this is actual time spent typing for clients. I don’t get paid for bathroom breaks, getting lunch, helping the children, working on this website, or any of the other diversions that take time away from my day. That six hours is actual time sitting at my desk working on client projects.

Keeping Motivated to Work
Some days it may be very difficult to keep motivated to work. However, you don’t have the luxury to slack-off as you could in a regular eight-hour full time job. You don’t receive a paycheck on days you don’t feel like working to your potential. For myself, every minute that passes when I am not working on an order is $0.27 that I am missing at the end of the day. Yes, that means I could potentially make $16.20 per hour if I write non-stop. You need to find what motivates you to keep working for clients.

Continuous Development of Your Skills
Skills that you’ll need for success include typing, researching and grammar. Pay attention to editor notes on the reviews of your completed work. They can help you discover problems that you may have providing proper grammar. For myself, I spent nine months fighting comma usage. Thanks to my college writing books, I was able to improve my capabilities. There are several ways you can develop your skills to improve your overall income.

Establishing Good Communication with All Clients
This is perhaps one of the most important points I could make. Providing quality work and promoting a professional attitude towards all of your clients will keep you writing and making money every day. It is these individuals that pay you to work from home. If you treat them well, they will help you retain the ability to work at your leisure from your own home office.

Two of my daily clients came from Open Orders. They liked my work and I established good communication with both of them. One has been using me for almost two years on a daily basis while the other has used me for just over a year. The workflow from both of these clients is enough to meet most of my goals. This isn’t including the teams I belong to.

Keep Your Profile Filled and Current
I have covered profiles quite often on this website. That’s because it is almost as important as treating clients with respect. Your profile is how those individuals find you including team leaders. The more you fit a certain search criteria, the better are your chances of being contacted for direct work. Every six months, write new samples – your skills are sure to improve increasing the capacity for more income at home.

Don’t Rush through the Orders to Meet Your Goals
It’s always better to take your time and provide quality work for your clients and teams. This will make sure you have a steady stream of income and reach greater amounts of money per year. You may get paid for rushing through an order and providing substandard work, but it will decrease the chances of that particular client from seeking you out for future work. Being recognized as a writer that can provide quality is far better for your goals in the long run.

Don’t Assume You’ll Make $25,000 per Year as a New Writer
My success has been developed over a span of time. I started in January 1, 2012 and am now a full-time ghostwriter on While I could have increased my success in the beginning, it still has taken me several months to develop the success I have now. Although some of you will easily surpass my abilities, others may need the extra time to develop their skills.

It is possible to make a decent living using if you have the determination to succeed. It could be an incredible opportunity for you to bring in a bit of extra money or replace a full-time job that you hate. If you love to write and can be creative on a daily basis, you can easily make $25,000 or more each year. Find what motivates you and embrace your potential.

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