Reaching For Dreams

How to Avoid these 7 Things that Will Crush Your Dreams

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A lot of people have dreams of grandeur. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a YouTube celebrity? What would it be like if you published a novel and see your name on the spine of a book cover? These are not grandiose dreams. In reality, these and many others are achievable…as long as you can avoid the hurdles in the way.

Reaching Your Goals and Dreams

Below is a list of seven items that I have personally battled with and have seen many people go through. And although I still suffer from a couple of them, rest assured that I am doing what I can to reach higher aspirations. So far, I have experienced a bit of success as I continue to develop.
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1. Lack of Effort

Writer Burn OutOne of the biggest problems a lot of people have, including myself, is a lack of effort. Sure, it would be awesome to have my name on the spine of a book. But it’s not going to happen unless I actually write something.

For the most part, this lack of effort spawns from a sense of laziness. While I could write my novel, I would rather catch up on my Netflix or YouTube watching. Perhaps I would rather play a game. Before I realize what is going on, my day is gone.

Commit Yourself to Finish
Committing yourself to finish a project isn’t always as easy as it might seem. It may require changing your habits. However, it’s something that needs to be done if you want to achieve your hopes and dreams. Success isn’t just going to happen because you will it to do so.

2. Listening to Trolls

I’ve seen a lot of people fail simply because of trolling. When others tell you how incapable you are of a particular task, it can be devastating. I was raised in an environment where I was told I would be fat and that I can’t sing…something I loved to do. Needless to say, I am not a pop artist.

When you start listening to those who troll you, it weighs down on your own sense of self-worth. On the other hand, there is such a thing as constructive criticism. Not all critiques are based in the superficial as many critics can help you develop your skills and give you insight as to what you can do better.

Ignore the Trolls, Listen to Critiques
Trolls don’t tell you why the project sucks. They just want to get a rise out of you. A critique will actually give you points as to why your project didn’t affect the individual. Always remember, you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time…so don’t try. Focus on the audience you want, not those who hate.

3. Expecting Instant Gratification

positive successIf there is one thing that drives me wild about most millennials is the sense of instant gratification. If some people don’t reach a certain number of followers on Twitter or have their posts shared so many times on Facebook, they take it extremely hard.

The most successful people spend years perfecting their art. While some people seem to be lucky and achieve quick success, most actually work to reach their dreams.

Don’t Expect an Overnight Success
While it’s true technology gives us instant access to various elements of life, you should never assume success will be governed by a 4G network. You don’t want superficial followers or fans. The audience you’ll build through hard work and dedication will carry you for decades if done right.

4. Lack of Commitment

Commitment to a project is a problem a lot of people have, including myself. Part of my problem, though, is that I seem to have an attention disorder. I’ll work strong on a project and then move on to something else that gets my attention before I finish. The end result is nothing seems to get done.

A lack of commitment affects morale, motivation and inspiration. Without these, it’s excessively difficult to reach your dreams. I’ve seen many potential writers, painters and web developers fail because of not committing themselves do doing more.

Start with Small Projects
One thing I’ve found to work for me is to start with smaller projects and get the momentum going. With each completion, you start to build a sense of commitment to achieving your dreams. Force yourself to complete a project if you have to. The point is you need to commit if you want to be successful.

5. Lack of Knowledge

Brain ActivityNot knowing how to proceed in a project is devastating to success. Case in point, I know a guy who loved to write until Textbroker rated him as “average.” As a result, he became frustrated and quit writing altogether. He failed because he refused to learn why he was “average” from a professional standpoint.

Take creating YouTube videos, for example. There is more that goes into creating successful visual content than simply sitting in front of the camera. You need to know how to use tags, write video descriptions, how to effectively share the video on social sites and what your target audience wants to watch. Without this knowledge, you can’t expect to reach a million subscribers.

Learn All You Can
Never assume that you know enough to be successful. For me, I spent five years perfecting myself as a freelance ghostwriter. I am always researching new ways to improve my skills, and my clients love me for it.

6. Not Keeping One Foot Grounded

Another major problem I see a lot of people have is not keeping themselves grounded. It’s OK to reach for the stars and dreams, but you can’t let it take you away. There needs to be at least part of you that remains grounded.

Here is what I mean. I’ve seen an over-abundance of people quit good-paying jobs to become Twitch celebrities, YouTube stars or professional bloggers. Because none of these provide a guaranteed income, many of them had to go back to work while excepting a lower pay.

Don’t Sacrifice Anything Until It’s Viable
You don’t have to ignore your dreams, but you need to be realistic. For instance, I didn’t quit my job at the school district until I was able to prove that I make more money per hour as a writer over a span of three months straight. Never assume you’ll experience instant success.

7. Poor Time Management

Time ManagementThe number one issue I have personally is time management. I waste an incredible amount of time throughout the day when I could be working on achieving my dreams and aspirations. The first step is identifying the problem.

Time management isn’t just something people in high-paying careers need to address. Having an optimal schedule for your lifestyle will provide all kinds of time, as long as you’re willing to sacrifice chronological sink holes throughout the day.

Start with a Daily To Do List
I’ve found having a “to do” list or day planner to be very beneficial. The key is being realistic with the things you want and need to do throughout the day. This is when sacrificing fun wastes of time is productive as well as necessary. Wipe out the elements on your “to do” list and then play. You may find out you have more time available than originally thought.

Let Nothing Stand in Your Way

Never allow the above to dash away your hopes and dreams. Anything is possible if you’re willing to work at it. Success is never a guarantee, but neither is failure. In fact, failing only gives you a chance to learn how to improve and increase your chances of success later on. It’s all about what you’re willing to do to make it happen.

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