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How Much Money Can You Make on Textbroker?

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I often get asked the question, “How much can I make on Textbroker?” The answer is usually, “It depends on how serious you are as a writer.” I know this is somewhat vague for those who are looking to become freelance writers, but it’s honestly the truth.

Your own determination is going to play the contributing roll in how successful you’ll become using services such as All I can do is provide examples to you in regards to how much I make.

You may find that you are more successful than I. However, you could learn that you’re not as serious as you once thought.

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Hourly Income

I have been a freelance writer at Textbroker since January 1, 2012. I have worked hard to obtain level 4 and diligently push to maintain my current clients.

As I type at 60-plus words per minute with great accuracy and usually write content I am heavily fluent in, I personally average $17.48 in a single hour of typing.

This is based on my averages of how much content I have created and the amount of money paid for past articles. I am a bit of a geek and keep track of all my time, income, and orders completed in a spreadsheet.

Now, it’s important to note that the $17.48 per hour average consists of actual time sitting at the desk and writing. So things like bathroom breaks, making lunch, and taking a break will reduce that income.

Weekly Income

Because I have so many other things going on in my life, I usually bring in between $270 and $380 per week. Yes, this is a far cry from the $17.48 per hour. But I am also maintaining several websites and a couple of small businesses.

Again, keep in mind that I am running several side projects and don’t have a lot of time to put into strictly Textbroker.

Of course, I’m not sure if I can do this nowadays as I am incredibly busy with blogs and private clients. But I’ll still strive for more income.

Good Payout
Doing well at the beginning of 2017.

My record is $543.55 back in the middle of 2014.

How Your Experiences Will Differ

Everyone’s situation is unique. I have an incredible amount of things going on, but you probably don’t. You may be a college student that is looking for a few extra dollars.

If you love to write about various materials, then being a freelance writer may be the best way to make that money. If I didn’t have so many things going on right now, I could easily make more than $36k per year by writing full-time 40 hours per week.

And this doesn’t include the side projects such as private content retainers who pay me well.

What Influences How Much You Make on Textbroker?

There are many things that contribute to how much you can actually make on Textbroker. Again, all I can really do is share what I have experienced myself. With more than 5,000 projects completed since the beginning of 2012 on Textbroker alone, I suppose you can call me an expert on the subject.

Available Orders

First and foremost, the amount of orders that are available in Textbroker will affect the amount you make. Simply put, if there’s no work, there’s no pay.

But once there are orders available, you need to be fast. There are hundreds of other writers like yourself looking at those same jobs. The more you can do in a day, the better your chances of clearing a high Textbroker salary.

What drove my success was my speed. I would pick up an order, complete it as quickly as possible, and then pick up another. In any given hour of writing, I could usually complete about three average-sized jobs.

Now, this took quite a bit of practice. My first 100 articles were quite a bit slower because I was figuring out my own flow. But once I got a solid process for writing on Textbroker, things just seemed to click.

My point, though, is that the amount of work that is available will dictate how much you make on Textbroker. You gotta be fast to pick up those ideal jobs.


The time you spend actually writing is the main factor of how much money you’ll make as a freelance writer. The more time you can dedicate to developing content for clients, the more money you’ll see at the end of the week.

Coincidentally, this will also reflect on your chances of gaining a permanent daily client. People like a fast turn-around, and clients are known to feed specific writers constant work who show dedication and speed.

Part of time management is setting up and maintaining a good schedule for writing. Setting aside specific chunks of time will help you stay focused and productive, as long as you stick with it. For me, scheduling vastly increased my income.

Skills and Knowledge

Typing, researching and understanding of the topic will greatly improve your abilities as a writer. For example, I am far superior writing content for business, marketing and computer-related content than I am when it comes to animals or travel.

Luckily, you can develop skills and knowledge quite quickly if you’re constantly putting in the effort to develop. Don’t be afraid to learn new topics or broaden your understanding.

It will help create content for other clients in the near future.

If you’re new to freelance writing, don’t assume you’ll get rich overnight. It takes hard work and practice to become a success…just like any other career.

Direct Order Clients

Direct order clients are where a large portion of your income will be derived from. If you can keep these individuals happy, they will constantly feed you jobs to complete.

You also have control over how much money you make per word with Direct Order clients. Just don’t set your rate too high as they might go elsewhere. Textbroker is full of authors ready to work, so be mindful of the competition.

However, you want to make sure you’re treating yourself fairly. Lowering your price may drive more Direct Order clients, but it also means settling for less income.

Besides, most clients are willing to pay a bit extra for professionalism, accuracy and productivity.

Team Orders

Many writers often complain that they belong to many teams that never have available work. Personally, I’ve applied to five but belong to more than 30.

Because of my completed profile, the number of orders I have done and my experience, I get invited to many teams that are managed by Textbroker themselves.

This means that I am rarely out of work. While some teams pay exceptionally well, others are less than what level 4 makes per word on open orders. However, there is usually much more work on those teams especially when the Open Order list is scarce.

They also tend to be much easier to write.

The point is to sign up for as many teams as you can if you want to bring in a fair amount of money. Don’t rely on Open and Direct Orders. Most of my income is from the teams I belong to.

In fact, I don’t often write for the open pool today.


Your professionalism is another major contributing factor on Textbroker. Even if you think the client is wrong with keyword stuffing an order, write it. The client is paying you to create content for them.

You are: A) Not responsible for the material and your name is not on it, and B) It’s what they want. Being professional with an “I can do that” attitude will keep you writing when other authors are virtually begging for work.

Completed Profile

Make sure you complete your profile on Textbroker. Not only does this act as a kind of resume for potential clients to read, but it’s also part of the search criteria on the system.

The more details you add the better. Just don’t forget to keep your writing samples fresh every six months. Your skills will develop over time, and you want the best examples of what you can offer someone.

Your Workspace

I found that working in a dark and gloomy area is more of a hindrance to performance when freelance writing. In my current office, I get a lot of natural sunlight. And it has impacted the number of words I process each day.

Another element that helps me write for Textbroker is having dual monitors set up on my computer. On one screen I have my research and the other is the platform for writing. It’s much easier than switching tabs back and forth.

Now I’m not saying that you need to have multiple monitors in order to be successful. However, it’s made a vast improvement in my success.

Something else you want to consider is comfort. If you’re not comfortable in your workspace for whatever reason, it’s going to impact your productivity. Chair, lighting and even the air quality will affect your ability to focus and write.

Trying to Be too “Perfect.”

I’ve seen a lot of Textbroker writers take a great deal of time writing content because they want each piece to be some masterpiece or work of art. And this is a good idea, to some degree.

Keep in mind that most clients on the system just want a good piece of content they can put on their websites. They don’t need you to exercise your knowledge of a thesaurus or be extravagant with the language.

There were a few times when I thought a piece was less than sub-par and thought the client was going to hate it. Instead, I get praises and “thank you”s with full bars on my rating from the client.

Don’t take too much time trying to make it flashy.

What Can You Make on Textbroker?

No one can really guarantee how much money you’ll make on Textbroker. Those that claim they can are lying to you. Your own ethics, habits and motivation to succeed will determine how much you make.

The only thing freelancers can do is offer support, experience and guidance. Everything else is up to you.

Good luck to you in your freelance career. Motivate yourself for success.

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