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How Much Does Scheduling Matter when Freelance Writing?

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It’s not always sunshine and rainbows when you’re a freelance writer. Sometimes life throws you repeated curve balls, and you need to adapt. Having some kind of scheduling for your time helps you cope with a variety of these issues from home. Well, as long as you can stick to it.

Sometimes scheduling is next to impossible if you live in sheer chaos. But I’ve found that taking the time to establish scheduling to be very beneficial.[adrotate banner=”8″]

Why Scheduling Matters when Freelancing

A lot of people envision freelance writing from home dressed in their pajamas and working when they want. While this may work for some of you, it’s not exactly the best plan of action in every case.

I’ve seen many people who are far less productive because of the chaotic nature of how they maintain working throughout the day. The end result is making far less than I do while still stressing about paying the bills.

In reality, scheduling is often just as vital to success as it would be if you worked a regular 9-to-5 job.

Discovering Your “Productive Zone”

A lot of people have specific times in the day when they are the most productive. For myself, it’s early morning. However, I know several people who are alert and ready in the late afternoon.

Scheduling the best time for you helps keep you productive. Set aside the chunk of time which you produce the most work and try to limit as many distractions as possible.

After all, you want to be a freelance writer because it’s what you love and to make more money than working a traditional job, right? Well, at least some of us do.

Focus working on the best times of the day where you make the most money.

Also, try to refrain from taking too much time per project. One of the reasons why I am sought after on Textbroker is because of my turn-around. As soon as I get an order, I work on it until it’s done.

Instead of taking the entire 24 hours to turn in the project, clients know it will be back in their inbox inside of an hour.

Textbroker management loves this aspect, which is one of the reasons why I am invited to managed teams on a near-daily basis.

And it’s all thanks to scheduling the time to work as a freelance writer.

Limiting Your Distractions

Speaking of limiting your distractions, proper scheduling can help cut back things that cause you to stop working. And for a freelance writer, this is vital to a weekly paycheck.

A lot of freelance writers work for content mills and brokerage sites. They are paid for each word typed, not the amount of time spent at a desk. This means anything that pulls you away from typing is literally costing you money.

The hard part is getting family and friends on-board with your scheduling. You’ll find that once people realize you work from home, they’ll try to tap your time because it’s convenient.

For instance, my ex constantly disrupted my schedule to bring her food at work or to run random errands which could be done later.

The end result was a reduced weekly payout from sites like Textbroker because I wouldn’t be able to pick up an order.

Having a family can easily put a strain on scheduling a good amount of time. One of the reasons I started writing in the morning was because the kids needed to be in school for me to be the most productive.[template id=”2087″]

The Types of Clients You Want

Scheduling will influence the type of clients you want to collect. Because most of my clients are businesses based in the United States, it’s prudent for me to continue working a 9-to-5-like schedule to make the most money.

That’s because most businesses are going to want me available when they are. Some companies will give a bit of leeway when it comes to producing content. However, I’ve found the majority of them preferring writers who operate the same hours they do.

This was greatly beneficial for me as the kids were in school during this time of day anyway.

I’m not saying you need a morning shift to be a successful freelance writer. What I’m pointing out is how your allotted time during the day will impact who approaches you for orders.

And keep in mind this is based on personal experience and preference. I prefer to work for business clients during the morning…it’s when I am the most effective. You might have a completely different experience.

Perhaps you work better at night, and that’s fine. Just keep in mind the time of the day will affect the type of clients you attract.

Helps Fuel Professionalism

Having a schedule is important for boosting a sense of professionalism. And this does wonders for your mindset for freelance writing.

I used to write in my pajamas in the beginning. But I found that when I act like a professional, it is reflected in my work. I’ll still get dressed in clothes I would wear at any company including a bit of cologne…even though I don’t go anywhere in the day.

It all depends on how you feel about yourself and whether you exude professionalism towards your clients.

When you don’t really have a boss to answer to, it’s all too easy to be a slacker when you’re freelance writing. You need to convince yourself of your professionalism as well as the client. Otherwise, you could have a negative view of the experience.

I find that looking the part greatly influences acting the part. And my scheduling is all part of delivering that expert persona.

Does a Schedule Work for You?

Scheduling your time gives you an opportunity to make sure certain things are done in the day. Set aside specific times to write and be more productive. It may impact your income far more than you realize.

In my case, it literally doubled the amount of money I was making every day.[template id=”2089″]

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