How Confidence Will Influence Your Success

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For many of us, confidence is not all that easy to come by. However, it plays an integral role in future success. Now, it’s possible to succeed without having an over abundance of confidence, but it makes the process so much more difficult.

The Role Confidence Plays

Confidence impacts many areas of your life. In fact, it’s often what drives you to make certain decisions regarding almost anything. From approaching that special someone for a date to choosing the right career path, confidence is vital.

A lack of self-worth can lead to making decisions that are less than ideal for your situation. Unfortunately, this leads a lot of desperate people to act instinctively when a questionable opportunity presents itself.

What ways does confidence impact your career?
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Empowering the Project

When you feel good about a project, it’s much easier to complete – and with fewer errors and complications. If you have the attitude of being the best {insert job description here}, then it will impact your work.

A confident individual is tenacious and will do everything in his or her power to complete the project accurately and efficiently. This is a trait that most employers are looking for. Whether you’re a freelance ghostwriter or flipping burgers at McDonald’s, you can tell confidence in the end result of a task.

Inspiration for Clients

Winning Clients
Keep Clients Happy
Confidence impacts how others view you. Someone who has a high self-worth and esteem are attractive to others and become inspirational. The end result is a client who has faith you’ll perform your duties to the best of your abilities without question.

Think about your favorite YouTuber or writer. Do you think he or she would be as successful without confidence? Even as an author, it’s your readers who become the client who need to know you’ll provide the entertainment or knowledge they require.

Better Productivity

Being productive is very important, especially if you’re a work-at-home freelancer. Most of us are paid per completed job, which means you need to be productive in order to pay the bills. Having confidence fuels your ability to finish projects faster and with greater accuracy.

This is something I’ve experienced a lot over the years. While I am fairly good at shifting my focus for clients, I tend to be more confident in my abilities for certain types of content. As a result, I complete those projects much faster than others.

5 Ways to Boost Confidence

For many of us, confidence doesn’t come naturally. A lot of times, we have to work hard to feel good about our abilities. This is especially difficult for someone who has a low self-esteem to begin with.

Here are some of the methods I use to help build my own levels of self-worth when it comes to writing. They are also beneficial for those in pretty much any career or life journey.

1. Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

My GoalsI am big on setting goals. However, it’s often not achieving goals that prevents someone from succeeding. For instance, you can’t simply say, “I want to be on the New York Time’s Best Selling list.” You’re missing steps to achieve the ultimate goal.

It’s these smaller and more realistic goals that will help you achieve the end results you’re looking for. Let’s say I want to be on the New York Time’s list. How would I go about it? I would break up the large goal into smaller and more achievable ones.

One thing I like to use is a mind-map application like It gives you a chance to create a map of your ultimate goals and steps to achieve them. The more you break down each goal, the easier it becomes to achieve.

2. Treat All Projects with Importance

Never have the mindset of a project being less important. Even if it’s a simple blog post a client wants that seems asinine, treat it with utmost importance. It helps get you in the mindset of being professional – which leads to a greater feeling of confidence.

One of the biggest reasons why clients love working with me is because I put in 100% effort into every project. I believe in doing something right the first time so clients don’t have to go back and fix it later. I inspire them that I will do an excellent job because I am confident that I will.

This is all about developing the right mindset. Getting into the habit of being professional strengthens your level of confidence for those specific projects.

3. Relish in Your Accomplishments

View Yourself for VictoryAlthough too much can be a bad thing, there’s nothing wrong with having pride in your achievements. Like I tell my children, any victory is still a victory – no matter how small it is. Focus on the positive results of meeting goals.

For example, I know that I am a hell of a ghostwriter. After 6,000+ jobs, several repeat clients and getting a retainer from a major hosting company, I feel pretty confident that I know my job very well. I am proud of those accomplishments and worked hard for each one.

Each time you meet a goal, celebrate it. I don’t mean you should throw a party of the year every time, but you do need to enjoy your success and revel in it a bit. Get used to the feeling and it will drive you to build greater goals and achieve more impressive feats for yourself.

4. Put Effort in Health and Fitness

Yes, health and fitness does an incredible amount of good when it comes to your mental state. One of the biggest examples of health influencing the mind is the high levels of stress you can feel without sleep. This can make you irrational and less confident.

Eating right also plays a part in mental health. Think about it. Does your vehicle run well if you were to shove chocolate syrup in the gas tank? The more healthy you are, the better your brain can process information. This includes processing feelings such as confidence.

The mind needs to be as healthy as your body if you want to get the most out of it. In fact, exercise improves your mood while giving you the improved ability to understand and memorize things.

5. Continue to Learn

Self-Publish OnlineKnowledge is power. Learning all you can about your job empowers you to succeed and helps inspire confidence within yourself. Sure, they are times when you probably think, “I’m sure I can do it.” But having in-depth knowledge regarding the topic vastly improves your abilities.

When I first started writing professionally, I wasn’t 100% sure about what I was doing. I spent a great deal of time learning all I can about the topics clients wanted as well as how to write in AP style English. While I still make mistakes now and then, knowing what I’m doing is what makes me an excellent ghostwriter for clients.

Never assume that you know everything there is about any specific subject. Things change rapidly, especially in today’s world. The more current you are with your information, the less you’ll be viewed as obsolete.

Is Your Heart in the Project?

While it’s possible to be successful with tentative understanding about a project, having confidence is greatly beneficial. But, none of this will come if you’re heart just isn’t in the task at hand. Be true to yourself and embrace those things you’re passionate about.

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