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Gaining Blog Momentum: Keeping Productive

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One of the keys to building a successful blog is to keep the momentum going. Part of this is making sure you’re keeping productive. Because readers and Google love fresh content from a site that is in constant development.

Unfortunately, some of us have issues maintaining consistency. For whatever reason, we seem to fall by the wayside on some days.

For me, it was a lack of effort mixed with handling a lot of different types of clients.

But, I have seen leaps and bounds for not only my blogs but for my clients as well by keeping productive.

Why is Keeping Yourself Productive Important?

You can’t build a blog, write one post, and then expect visitors to come flocking in overnight. In fact, it can take quite a few articles before you can start gaining momentum in search engines.

And, there is a lot more that goes into setting up a successful blog. A lot of it has to do with your overall mentality.

Delivers the Sense of Accomplishment

When you keep the flow of content going, it does more than just help you drive traffic. It can fill you with a sense of accomplishment. This can greatly impact how you view your website.

Feeling good about what you’ve accomplished only makes you want to do more of that specific thing. So, when you’re keeping productive, your feeding that positive feeling.

This, in turn, vastly improves your mentality about blogging.

Helps with Personal Growth

Another positive aspect of regularly maintaining your blog is the benefit of personal growth. Learning who you are, what you’re capable of completing, expanding your knowledge about any particular topic, all works towards self-improvement.

The more you grow as a creator, the more it shows in your work. You begin developing a reputation as an expert, and this feeds into confidence as well as attracting a target audience.

A Steady Flow Makes Followers and Search Engines Happy

Being able to consistently write blog posts does wonders for the website’s success. It’s all about keeping readers and search engines on a regular schedule to browse your content.

Some of your more avid readers and followers can get quite upset if you’re not producing material on a regular basis. This is true whether you’re a blogger or a YouTube creator.

7 Ways to Improve Productivity While Blogging

Ideas for Productivity

After a while of blogging, you’ll undoubtedly find a good groove to keep the content flowing. But, it’s probably not going to happen overnight. Some may spend years trying to hammer out a good routine.

I know I did.

And being productive doesn’t just mean typing out some content. Anything that benefits the blog is considered production value. Adding email sign-ups, conducting surveys, changing themes, or revamping old articles counts as beneficial.

Everyone has a specific flow when keeping themselves productive. Here are the things that keep me focused when I log into WordPress every day.

1. Look at Everything as “Content”

Whenever I’m at a store or curious about a product that might fit one of my blogs, I think to myself, “content!” Because in reality, most of my purchases and hobbies center around the websites.

Reviews, lists, and how-tos are some of the most effective forms of content you’ll create. And when you look at everything as a potential article, the ideas start flowing.

2. Find Inspiration First Thing in the Morning

I usually do most of my blogging first thing in the morning. Then, I’ll schedule the posts to publish throughout the week. So, I usually look for something that inspires me at 6:30 am.

In most cases, it’s turning on my exercise playlist and jumping in front of the Xbox Kinect. This is because exercise influences how your brain works and affects your mood.

I feel ready to tackle the day after a good workout.

3. Take a Look at Your Traffic Stats

Another thing that is inspirational and keeping me productive is looking at my traffic stats. Especially the difference between 2019 and 2020. As the numbers continue to climb, it feels me with a sense of accomplishment.

At least someone is reading what I put together.

Look at your numbers from month-to-month. Any growth, even if it’s by one visitor, is still a victory. Just focus on what you think your audience wants to read, and those numbers will go up quickly.

4. Set Obtainable Goals

One of the biggest contributors for me for productivity is setting realistic goals. So, when I hit a certain number of words per day, I feel accomplished. It helps improve self-confidence and pride in what I’ve done.

When I say, “realistic,” I’m not saying, “simple.” But, you don’t want to aim your sights too far beyond your abilities. Start with something easy at first and work your way up.

This helps you avoid feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself. The idea here is to boost your self-esteem, not bury it.

5. Get Excited About Learning Something New

Don’t view learning new things as a chore. Think about how it affects your personal growth and makes you more of an expert.

This is one of the reasons why I am so successful when using Textbroker. I love learning new things, which means I put in a ton of effort into researching anything I don’t know.

My point is to view learning new things as more of a way to enhance yourself and the content.

6. Try Not to Multitask Too Much

Multitasking is a good skill to have if you can master rapidly changing gears. However, it can also be harmful when you’re keeping productive with the blog.

Personally, I find it far easier to focus on one task at a time to make sure it’s completed correctly. It saves time from having to go back and fix errors later.

In fact, some experts attest that you shouldn’t multitask as it can hinder production.

7. Avoid the News Before Getting to Work

If there is one thing that can quickly sap your energy, it’s the news. Recent events can easily leave one feeling frustrated and upset no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on.

Well, that is unless you’ve created a news blog. Then, it’s part of your workflow.

I find that staying away from the news before I start blogging makes a massive impact on my production levels for the day.

And I’m not talking about product or brand news. I’m talking more about politics and stories concerning violence or mayhem. If you very empathetic such as myself, stories like this can really do a number on productivity and motivation.

Keeping Productive is Only Part of Blogging Momentum

From creating content to customizing the site’s appearance, keeping productive can mean anything that benefits your blog in the long run. It doesn’t have to merely center around content.

And yes, there is a correlation between how much effort you put into your blog and how successful it becomes.

Do what you can to keep your momentum going.

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