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As I write for one of my regular clients, I thought about how much money I make ghostwriting for them.  It’s not uncommon that I am paid $26 for 76 minutes worth of writing.  Did you know that by completing those three articles, I am making an average of $8,400.00 per year?  That really doesn’t sound like much unless you take in the consideration that a part-time employee for $8 per hour makes less than that.

By taking a few hours a day to write content for my clients and the regular orders I come across between TextBroker and WriterAccess, I make an average of $13.01 per hour.  Currently, there is enough work available that I could more than triple my current regular job salary.

Of course, making all this money depends solely on how much work is actually available.  Between days where the work is low and working my 3/4 hour job, I actually make just under $8,000 per year extra by writing content for other people.  However, this isn’t from the lack of available work.  In fact, I have been making between $200 and $275 per week for the past three months.  There has been so much work available that I could easily quit my job and write full-time.

So, why don’t I?

Because I made an obligation to my employer and right now the work is so heavy that if I quit, they’d be royally screwed.  I would prefer not to burn my bridges with them just in case something happens and I am no longer able to support my family by writing.  However, I do plan on quitting in the next few weeks, and they know it.  I just want to get them caught up before I do.

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