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Freelance Writers: 6 Ways to Diversify Yourself for Success

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As a freelancer, being able to diversify yourself has potential to help you bring in a lot of money. Instead of centering around one specific task or skill, expanding your abilities gives clients options. Which in turn increases your value.

It’s all about being flexible and offering more than just content as a freelance writer.

For example, I offer my search engine optimization skills and knowledge to improve client engagement. And I also provide screenshots when appropriate for the job.[adrotate banner=”8″]

How to Diversify the Workload

Everyone has a preferred niche in which they like to write. For me, it was computers and technology. However, expanding into other areas and fields opens the doors to far more opportunities.

It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and explore what you can offer clients. It will set you aside from the competition.

1. Sign Up for More than One Content Mill

Textbroker is by far my favorite content mill. I’ve made the most money on this platform, and still use it to this day. However, there’s nothing wrong with signing up with other systems.

When I was just starting out, I would jump back and forth between Textbroker and WriterAccess to keep busy. If the workflow was low on one, the other would have something for me to do.

With how vital content marketing is nowadays, it’s easy to find other systems that pay. Some of them may deliver a greater payout than Textbroker.

The point is you should have options available to keep yourself creating content. You won’t make anything if you sit around and watch Netflix or YouTube all day.

Diversify yourself by using multiple content mills at the same time.

2. Test the Waters with Other Categories

Another way I greatly increased my weekly payouts was by exploring other categories. Instead of just writing content for computer clients, I started experimenting with everything from animals to travel.

The end result was finding several topics that I really enjoyed. Not to mention how clients from those categories rated my work exceptionally well.

Even though most of my corporate jobs in the past centered around computers and networking, most articles I write today are about marketing and business.

I’ve also completed a myriad of home repair articles.

Don’t be afraid to stick your toes in to test the waters. If you find you don’t like a certain category, at least you tried. You never know what you’ll come across until you put in the effort.

3. Sign Up for as Many Teams as Possible

Perhaps the most productive way I diversify myself is by signing up with as many teams as possible in Textbroker. Teams usually pay out far more than the open order pool. And many of them will add work on a regular basis.

In the past five years on Textbroker, Team Orders are where I’ve made the most money. Well, aside from my private client.

Sometimes clients will create teams and then abandon the project. However, other times you’ll join a team that delivers constant work every month. In fact, I am on four teams that provide a constant flow of orders.

There’s no limit to the number of teams you can join on Textbroker. But you do need to adhere to the requirements. Some will request certain knowledge, ability or location.

Luckily, it’s not all that difficult to join most teams in the system.[template id=”2087″]

4. Practice Various Styles of Writing

Whether you’re writing for Textbroker or not, practicing various styles of writing is beneficial. For instance, do you know the difference between a product description and a product review?

Not to mention the difference in writing about news-related content.

The more you diversify your styles, the more clients you can attract.

Case in point, I write a ton of marketing blogs for my retaining client. However, I also have to create a lot of product descriptions for certain clients on Textbroker. The two styles are very different.

This is one of the reasons why I suggest building a blog, even a free one. It gives you a platform to practice the different styles of writing while letting you show clients an example of your skill.

5. Market Yourself Outside of Content Mills

Textbroker and other content mills are well and good, but it’s not the only way to make money as a freelance writer. Explore external marketing to attract clients outside of those systems.

Social sites like LinkedIn are perfect for gaining new direct clients. And usually these clients pay far more than you’ll make at a content mill.

In fact, LinkedIn is how I found my current retainer. And I’ve been writing content for this client on a daily basis since February of 2017.

Between my private client and Textbroker, I have too much work and not enough time to do it all.

Brand yourself. Create a Facebook page to show off your talents. Engage businesses on Twitter. All of these methods are valid for attracting clients.

6. Offer Other Services Outside of Writing

Lastly, you can diversify yourself by offering services aside from content. Like I mentioned before, I provide search engine optimized content as well as screenshots for clients.

Others will provide professional photography, infographics, logo designs, unique keywords and phrases and much more.

Go outside the basics of content. The more services you can provide, the greater your scope for gaining clients. It’s all about setting yourself apart from other writers and delivering something amazing to those who are willing to pay.

If you have nothing more to offer, there’s nothing wrong with learning a new skill. I learned the ins and outs of WordPress to impress clients. I’ve gone so far as to familiarize myself with Drupal! Which I hate with a passion.

Expand your knowledge and add something more to your resume and portfolio.

Step Out of the Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is where you might be the most focused. However, you greatly expand your overall value when you diversify your ability. You don’t need to settle on one method of income, especially when the Internet is full of opportunity.

Dive into what you can offer clients outside of strictly text. Even something like offering SEO techniques when writing in Textbroker can inspire a client to send you more work.[template id=”2089″]

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