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Review: Is the Free Version of Ubersuggest Worth Your Time?

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When it comes to SEO, the best tools can vastly improve your website’s performance. That is as long as you put the data from those tools to good use. Today, I’m demonstrating Ubersuggest and if it’s something viable you may want to use to build SEO strategies.

As the vast majority of traffic to your blog will come from search results, you want tools that will help you achieve the top positions.

Just keep in mind that your overall content is what ultimately matters. Even with the best SEO tools in hand, poor quality content can still leave your posts in the underbelly of Google.

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What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that visitors can use for free to find new keyword ideas regarding a website or blog. Although Ubersuggest does have a free version, the paid plan comes with a slew of benefits such as templates, worksheets, training courses, and more.

But as a free platform, the tool provides a variety of reports to help anyone fine-tune their strategies for search engine optimization.

This includes improving your own blog while analyzing the layout of the competition. Because, let’s face it, anyone not reading your blog is reading someone else’s.

How Well Does Ubersuggest Work?

Ubersuggest puts a lot of tools at your disposal. You have access to everything from auditing your own site’s online “health,” to keeping an eye on competing websites.

Keep in mind that this review is focused purely on the free version of the SEO tool.

Using the SEO Analyzer

In the SEO Explorer section, you’ll find the SEO Analyzer. This tool will scan any domain you search while highlighting optimization issues it finds. Then, you will get a report detailing any problems that are found.

Now, you can use this tool to check on the performance of your site or input a competing domain to see their overall SEO performance.

The free version will only crawl the first 150 pages of content on any domain.

Keyword Overview

Keyword Overview

Probably one of the most utilized functions of Ubersuggest is the Keyword Analyzer. In this area, you can input your phrase to see difficulty levels, cost-per-click data, and search volume.

The free version only provides three searches for keywords per day. So, you’ll want to have a fairly good idea about what you want to write.

As part of the overview, though, you get a short list of keyword ideas for free complete with difficulty level, cost-per-click, and search volume.

Getting Content Ideas

As part of keyword research, Ubersuggest offers “content ideas.” These are based on websites that have content online regarding your search term.

These ideas come with estimated visits per month, number of possible backlinks, and how often the article was shared on Facebook and Pinterest.

The free version will only show 10 ideas for each search criteria. However, it may be enough to give you some ideas of your own to create.

Keyword Ideas

Keyword Ideas

One aspect that I really like about Ubersuggest is the keyword ideas section. Not only do you get a list of viable terms that are relevant, but you can also see the volume, CPC, and difficulty levels for each.

This can be of great help when planning out your next blog post. Because if you can rank for something that has a high CPC, you increase the chances of how much you make through ad systems like AdSense.

On the same page, you’ll see the search results page of Google for your search term. This shows the top sites including estimate traffic, backlinks, domain score, and social shares.

This gives you an idea of what other sites have indexed in the search engine.

Competitive Analysis

Remember what I said about keeping an eye on the competition? Ubersuggest gives you a bit of insight into how sites competing with your own perform online.

This includes the amount of traffic broken down by the top pages and keywords.

If you’re into the Skyscraper Technique, then this data is incredibly valuable. This means you can collect information about those posts and make them better for your own site.

Search Ideas through Google Chrome

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

The extension for Ubersuggest in Google Chrome works similar to Keyword Surfer. It not only provides suggestions, but it also shows the search volume and CPC of each term.

When trying to copy the list of terms to a CSV file, it launches the Ubersuggest website. From there, you can export or copy the list to your clipboard to use in other file types.

I do need to point out how the Chrome extension offers a lot more in terms of data. You can look at suggestions, questions, prepositions, and comparisons. It does this by opening a new browser window to launch Ubersuggest’s website.

Can Open a Ton of Browser Tabs

If you’re not paying attention, this free keyword tool can open a lot of browser tabs. In a matter of minutes, I’ve opened seven tabs from just exploring the site.

Of course, this is probably more to do with what I’m exploring rather than the functionality of Ubersuggest.

Need to Log In Regularly

Because I haven’t logged into Ubersuggest in over a month, as I have been using a swath of other tools, my site tracking was reset. This means I have to wait several weeks before I can get another report.

This is 100% my fault, though. I should have been more mindful to log in. But, I do want to point this aspect out in case you’re on the fence about using the SEO tool.

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Would I Recommend Using It as a Blogger?

In the vast online space, blogs pop up about two every second. Though, only a fraction of these actually gain any real traction in search engines.

Still, any free tool that gives you an advantage over serious competition is going to be worthwhile. Something like Ubersuggest has the potential for traffic building and boosting the success of your blog.

Then again, the hardest part about using free SEO tools is making sure you’re writing quality content to match. It doesn’t matter what keyword you use if no one wants to read your materials.

It’s all about search intent.

Although the keyword ideas are reminiscent of Google’s own Keyword Planner, the addition of showing the SERPs and how difficult each when ranking is a nice touch.

Add to that the competition analysis and estimated traffic numbers, and Ubersuggest has some great potential as a free tool.

Personally, I am half-tempted to pay the $30 per month to unlock all of the other features. Or better yet, I can pay for the Lifetime subscription, which could save an incredible amount of money over time.

That is as long as you use it consistently for more than 10 months.

In fact, I might do that as soon as funds are more available. For now, I’ll just maintain the free account.

Are SEO Tools Necessary to Build a Successful Blog?

In the grand scheme of things, your content is the number one priority when setting up a website. Yes, search engine optimization is important. After all, you want Google to crawl your pages with ease. But, it’s your content that drives an audience.

Without well-written content, you’ll find it more difficult to attract and keep an audience. And with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, what you create plays a vastly important role.

This is because Google is getting better at showing specific content to searchers. This means you need to provide the best answers for what people are searching.

It’s not just knowing the best keyphrases and words, but about how you use them to engage a reader.

Most tools nowadays take that into consideration. And although you may not absolutely need the best SEO tools on the Internet, they do help you refine the website to appear higher in search results.

So, it’s not necessary to use optimization tools and strategies, but they will impact the success of your site. Usually by cutting down research time and showing where you need to improve to make Google happy.

Ubersuggest Has Some Nice Features

As far as free SEO tools go, Ubersuggest does have some nice capabilities over several alternatives. Especially when it comes to keyword analysis and SEO scoring.

Instead of using two different apps, you can get a lot of the same results from a single site.

In any case, it’s a fairly decent system and may help you lay the groundwork to build an incredible blog. It just takes a bit of time to invest in setting up your blog to be something amazing.

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