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Here is a basic analysis of my skills as a freelance writer.  The numbers below may be different for you depending on how fast and accurate you are.  Below is a synopsis of how much you could make using

I can type up to 65 words per minute.  In an hour, I could theoretically crack out 3900 words.  Now, that would be quite impressive if I could make $0.014 per word – which would be $54.60 per hour.  However, that’s not a realistic look as to how much money I actually make as a writer.  There are variables to consider such as the time it takes to proofread.  Since I take proofreading seriously before submitting my work to a client, this drops my hourly typing rate to 1032 words per hour on average so far this year.  In essence, my words per minute drops to just over 17 because I am meticulous.

For a Level 2 Writer:
At 1032 words per hour, you would still be making $7.22.  Even grammatically weak writers can make a few extra dollars by freelance writing.  Of course, all level 2s should aspire to be more than they are, which will increase the amount of money you make.  If you were to commit to writing at least six hours per day, you would make $43.35.  That’s not too bad for a beginning writer.  In fact, this could be a great way for a teenager fresh out of high school and getting into college to make a few extra dollars per week.

For a Level 3 Writer:
For those who have the skills to be in the average area of writing, you could make $10.32 per hour with 1032 words.  That’s more money than most people make at fast food restaurants and other menial jobs that you may hate.  In a six hour day, you could make $61.92 and then spend an hour or two golfing.  If your biweekly paycheck is less than $619.22, then maybe you should think about trying your hand at freelance writing.  A large portion of my money was made as a Level 3 writer.  I spent a year trying to hone my skills until I eventually made level 4.

For a Level 4 Writer:
I make about $14.45 per hour on average in 2013 currently.  This is with an average of typing 1032 words per hour.  If I was to spend 6 hours per day writing, I would be peaking out at about $86.69.  That is considerably higher than what I am making currently for 6 hours of work as IT support in my rural area.  Every two weeks I would bring in $866.90.  This may not sound like a lot to some of you, but it’s more than plenty to pay our bills and provide a decent life for my family in the area I live in.  If I decided to write for more than 6 hours per day, my pay would be substantially higher.

Direct Orders on TextBroker:
Direct Orders pay more than what level 4 offers the writers.  If you think $80+ per day at level 4 is nice, consider that one of the teams I belong to pay nearly twice that amount.  However, I only get to write those when work is available.  The Direct Orders from clients is where the real money is made on TextBroker.  By providing excellent grammar, knowledge of the subject, and quick response times, you can amass quite a few of these Direct Order clients that will pay good money for your abilities.

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