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Does Google Authorship Really Work? It Did Back in the Day…

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Using Google Authorship to help market yourself as a professional in your field can go a long way to helping various aspects of your life.

By taking the time to build your Google+ profile and linking sites to the account, you can develop a reputation for yourself in the popular search engine. The best thing is, it’s extremely easy to do.

Once your websites and blogs are added to your Google+ profile, the work is over. As long as your By Line in the material you create reflects the exact name you have on your Google+ profile, the search engine will do the rest.

Why is Authorship Important?

Aside from the fact that you can see your picture and name in the top of search results concerning your content, it is a method in which Google uses to ensure that the content is created by humans that don’t rely on copy and paste methods.

It is yet another way in how the search engine is trying to deliver the most quality content possible to any user criteria. Essentially, your websites have a far better chance of scoring high in page rank if Google can verify you are a legitimate person.

Competing Against Corporate Giants

Google Authorship allows even the smallest of businesses and people to become noticed in search without spending a great deal of money on advertising.

Over time, your reputation for building content can increase your popularity in search rank surpassing even the largest of corporations.

It is a method of balancing the playing field and allowing smaller organizations a chance to grow.

Too Much Information?

I have my name on a variety of different social media sites. I try to maintain activity, but my day is usually pretty full. However, you must do your best to make sure your profiles are as fulfilled as possible.

The more information you provide, the better you’re able to market yourself. Now, I know a lot of people out there are skeptical and worried about invasion of privacy and other fears. It’s a chance you’re going to have to take if you want to develop yourself in this manner.

Just don’t involve private information you wouldn’t want a stranger to see.

As you can see from the image above, I finally made the front page of a search. I am still geeking out about it since I’ve always wanted to have the prestige of being see in such a manner.

Yes, I am quite easy to please.

Although I don’t belong to a lot of circles, anyone can click my name and visit my profile – which has links to all of the sites I am a part of. It’s a small triumph, but I can be proud of my contribution to the Internet.

Your material will develop your reputation for you. Once you added the sites you develop content for on your Google+ profile, all you need to do is write. Just make sure the by line is set up correctly. I have a habit as writing material under the Administrator account and forgetting to change the credit to myself most of the time.

UPDATE: 10/02/2018

Unfortunately, Google Authorship is no longer a thing. Back in the day, it was pretty cool. But nowadays, the aspect is removed from search results.

And even though it’s gone, I still feel a bit accomplished from the days of old when my name would appear next to an article.

It’s just a small part of the past that showed that I at least knew what I was talking about and anyone searching for that content knew it as well.

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