Why New Authors Should Post Fan Fiction on Wattpad

If you don’t know by now, I am a fan of Wattpad.com. Not only is it a great place to find new favorite authors, but it can be a great way to open the doors for a new writer. One of my favorite aspects of the system is the ability to write fan fiction. Without worrying about copyright infringements or legal repercussions, you can embellish on your favorite fictional landscapes. Here is why I think this is important for new writers.

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Do You Really Need an Editor When Self-Publishing?

It’s an editor’s job to go over your content and make sure it’s grammatically correct and flows in a logical order. They closely examine the writing for even the smallest issues, such as comma usage. Because it’s so easy to publish your own material online today, many people may decide to opt out of using an editor. Is this something that could hurt your future as a successful author?

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8 Benefits of Using Wattpad as a New Author

If you don’t know what Wattpad is, it’s a system that allows virtually anyone to publish almost any genre of work for free. Although Wattpad doesn’t pay its authors like a publishing house does, there are still a wide range of benefits for using it as a new writer. In fact, it’s where I am going to publish my first novel as soon as it’s done. Why go through the trouble if I’m not getting paid? Because of what it can offer.

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Is it Worth the Effort to Self-Publish Online?

The Internet can be a wondrous tool for those looking to make their mark on the world. For a writer, there are all kinds of avenues you can explore. One of the things I’m eager to try is to self-publish online. I know there are several horror stories about what’s entailed with self-publishing; my sister is an author and had a really bad episode with her first book. However, I’m not doing the same thing she did. I am going to publish my first book with as little money as humanly possible.

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