Are You Limiting Your Own Success On Purpose?

You will fail 100% of the things you do not try. I wish I knew who said it first, but it’s a valid statement nonetheless. Unfortunately, too many people seem content with limiting their own success. In many ways, it’s often by choice. What’s worse is that a lot of us know it, we just don’t want to admit it. How can you be limiting yourself on purpose?

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Why You Should Never Create Content When You’re Exhausted

Today, there are a number of people who find success by creating content. Whether you’re a writer or you create videos on YouTube, it’s all about sharing a message. Many people, including myself, rely on performing at our best to pay the bills. But what happens when you try to create this content while your exhausted?

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How to Be Confident With Clients Without Seeming Cocky

Providing a superior customer experience is imperative to success. This doesn’t just go for ghostwriters, either. Freelancers in every industry need to offer clients a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, a lot of “professionals” come off as too brazen. How does one exude confidence without being cocky?

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7 Questions to Refocus On Your Writing

Having a problem reaching a certain level of success as a writer? Don’t worry, many of us have a bit of a rocky start at first. The most important thing is not to get frustrated. There are many people who will start out strong but then slow down over time. I am one such individual. However, it is possible to refocus on your writing and get back on track.

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Do You Fail Due to Lack of Effort or Lack of Ability?

A fail only happens if you’re not willing to learn from the situation. This is something I try to teach my children. That even the darkest of circumstances can provide knowledge in how to never do it again. But, a lot of people will often view themselves as failures because they can’t seem to accomplish a task. However, many will fail because of a lack of effort rather than ability.

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