How to Add a WordPress Sitemap and Why it’s Vital

A sitemap is a very valuable part of any website. It’s the primary method in which search engines use to find your content. While you can still show in sites like Google without one, it makes the process easier and much quicker. How do you go about creating a WordPress sitemap to improve SEO for your site?

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How to Install WordPress Plugins, and Why It’s Important

Plugins are one of the most vital elements to WordPress. It’s one of the many reasons why many people choose to use the platform. With more than 50,000 available, you can find one to do just about anything you need. Because this is such an important aspect, it’s vital that you know how to install WordPress plugins.

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Jetpack Like Button Not Loading on Posts in WordPress

Jetpack offers several great modules to accentuate a WordPress website. One of the features many use is the “Like” button. This is when a visitor can click “Like” to express to the author the content was worth reading. Unfortunately, sometimes the like button can get stuck with a “loading…” message. How can you fix this problem?

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