Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies are constructive when figuring out the best course of action as a writer. Whether you’re blogging, writing a book, or freelancing, never underestimate the value of data.

Below, you will find my most recent case studies. And although everyone’s experience as a writer is unique, hopefully, these will help you develop your own methods of discovering what works best for you.

Truth be told, I just find them fun and interesting. That is one of the cornerstones of my success: finding ways to make writing more fun.

I’ll share as much data as I can as well as tell you how I’m conducting these case studies. That way, you can create your own for whatever purpose to help discover the best methods of success.

Keep in mind that all of these case studies are based on my personal experience and that of my clients. I won’t disclose sensitive client information but will share some of the things we’ve done to improve content and website development.